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BrightFinance Review – The New Way To Trade Cryptocurrencies

Apr 30, 2020

BrightFinance Review

Cryptocurrency is the virtual form of money that has to do with the value of money on the web. Cryptos was invented as a way of attempting to create a kind of currency that does not waver with the circumstances that surround a nation (or the world) because, at the time of its invention, the world was on its knee financially. Oil, which is a major driver of the global economy, lost value and things were not looking bright for any part of the world at that time.

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The inventors of cryptocurrency created this form of money as a substitute to the fiat type of currency whose value depends on the price of oil; the price of gold; the level of industrialization in a nation, et cetera. And so, cryptocurrency does not depend on the economy or the economic drivers of any particular nation (or region) to thrive. The digital currency was created to thrive irrespective of the situations that go on around the globe.

The creation of cryptocurrency drew the attention of a lot of investors around the world, as it now meant that in the face of a prospective economic meltdown, people could just convert its money to cryptocurrency and the value of its money would not reduce. With less than twenty years of its inception, the crypto market has pulled a lot of traction; from people, from organizations, institutions, and even from nations of the world.

The cryptocurrency trading option is a very formidable one, and it holds many prospects for its investors. There are a lot of ways of investing in crypto options as well as a lot of investment brokers who are into the crypto trading option.

The possibilities of the cryptocurrency market are countless; anyone who’s interested in investing in financial assets should really consider trading crypto options.

Choosing an investment broker for your investment can be very tricky as not everyone is who they say they are – there are lots of brokers who promise the world and deliver a village. So, choosing a broker for the investment of your financial assets requires a lot of scrutiny of the broker before eventually choosing them.

BrightFinance is one prominent cryptocurrency investment broker, and to a large extent, they are the real deal. Thus if you are one of those who require a legitimate and reliable broker, follow along as we review the services and features of BrightFinance.

BrightFinance At a Glance

Broker BrightFinance
Website BrightFinance.co
Trading Accounts Explorer account, Basic account, Silver account, Gold account, and Platinum account
Trading platform Web-based
Assets coverage Cryptocurrencies and ICOs,

Stocks, Commodities, Indices

Deposits Visa card, MasterCard, Wire transfer, and Cryptocurrency
Education and Training Yes – Personal analyst, Private sessions, Market reviews, and Management plan
Products Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), Digital Cash (DASH), and Litecoin (LTC)
Maximum leverage 1:5
Security Policies AML (Anti Money Laundering),

KYC (Know Your Customer), and

CDD (Customer Due Diligence)

Location Leeds, United Kingdom
Parent company Capital Letter GmBH
Customer support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week support – email, telephone, and live chat.

BrightFinance is a cryptocurrency trade investment broker located in Leeds, United Kingdom. The broker aims to become the best cryptocurrency broker in the crypto options market. With a range of trading accounts option that makes the platform suitable for everyone, traders and investors on the broker’s platform can be sure that no matter your investment or experience level in the financial assets trading market, there is something for you on BrightFinance.

The BrightFinance platform offers excellent analysis tools to help its clients make the best of their investment potentials. The broker is to a large extent, a customer-centered brokerage firm; because the company converts customer feedbacks into actions that help in delivering quality and effective service to its numerous customers across the globe.

BrightFinance is dedicated to the success of its trading investors, and thus offers amazing educational resources to help its customers meet their trading and financial goals. The broker has a trading academy that provides over two hundred (200) hours of eBooks, videos, and trading courses for the empowerment of its customers.

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The BrightFinance platform is designed to bring the highest potentials of profit to traders on the platform. This broker offers a lot of options in the cryptocurrency assets trading market to ensure its clients have a range of prospectively profitable options to choose from. In the bid to maximize the profit prospects of its clients, the broker also has an excellent referral reward system, and it works in such a way that a client earns two hundred dollars ($200) for each person he/she invites to its platform. This can be accumulated up to 2000 US dollars, just for referring your friends.  Interestingly, your referred friend will also earn a bonus of 200 US dollars as part of the referral program.

BrightFinance has an amazing customer care service team. The broker’s agents are available to pick calls and attend to clients’ needs or questions, twenty-four (24) hours of five (5) business days in a week. The broker has equally provided an option for live chatting with the customer representatives on its website. Its account finding is simple, and because of its customer-centric platform, the broker is always innovating new ways of serving its customers better.

Its charges are low compared to the services and benefits enjoyed by its clients, coupled with the fact that its investment returns prospect is up to ninety-two percent (92%).

With offices in three different locations – Wenlock (London), Dominica, and Cyprus – BrightFinance is poised to deliver borderless financial and crypto brokerage services across the globe. Therefore, irrespective of the location of traders on the platform of this broker, the clients can rest assured of unlimited access to the services of this broker. To further buttress this, the trading platform and interface of this broker is such an intuitive, interactive, and user-friendly trading software. The trading platform of this broker which is web-based is optimized to work perfectly with mobile and web interface.


Wide and Flexible Spread of Account Options

The BrightFinance is designed in such a way that everyone can benefit from its platform. The broker is aware that there are people and organizations with a lot of investment capital, but it also knows that there are those who do not have that much to invest, and so the broker has designed its system to be able to accommodate the needs and investment goals of everyone. So for every range of investment capital, BrightFinance has just what you need.

The broker has five different trading account options, each with a unique range of investment benefits:

The Explorer Account: This is the simplest and most basic account on the BrightFinance platform. It is an account designed to meet the investment needs of investors with very low capital. The value of this account ranges from two hundred and fifty dollars (minimum deposit) to two thousand dollars (maximum deposit). For this account, there is around the clock 24 hours a day, and seven days a week customer service support provided to make trading an enjoyable experience for the trader on the BrightFinance platform. Professional charts are also provided to guide the trade decisions of the trader.

The Basic Account: This trading account is next to the explorer account provided on the BrightFinance platform, with asset value ranging from two thousand five hundred dollars to nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars ($2,500 – $9,999). Accompanying this account as part of the benefits of this level of investment is a personal analyst who would give an in-depth analysis to guide the trade decisions of the investor. The traders with this level of investment are also entitled to an introductory private session with an analyst, unlike the nominal analysis provided; a private session would go a long way to help the trader ask questions that would greatly help his trade success prospects. Weekly market reviews and financial research materials are also provided for the use of the investors of this investment class on the BrightFinance platform.

The Silver Account: This is the third level of trading account option available on the BrightFinance platform. The assets that fall into this category hold value within the range of ten thousand dollars minimum investment to twenty-four thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars ($10,000 – $24,999). A personal analyst is provided with this account, but the BrightFinance platform went a step further to make provisions available for private sessions monthly with an analyst as another benefit of asset holders within this class of investment. The private sessions allow the investor to keep up to date with current market analysis as well as it helps the investor ask about current technicalities of his/her investment asset class. Weekly market reviews and research materials are also provided with this account to guide the investor’s decisions and gear such as the largest profit margins available.

The Gold Account: This BrightFinance trading account level follows after the Silver account. The Gold Account level of the BrightFinance platform is for high capital investors, because assets within this account level range from twenty-five thousand dollars minimum investment to ninety-nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars maximum deposit ($25,000 – $99,999). Because this account level is involved with a fairly large amount of money, asides a personal analyst, weekly private sessions with an analyst and weekly market reviews and financial research, the BrightFinance platform also provides the investors in this trading account with a smart money management plan. All these perks are put in place to help the investor make maximum profit trading on the BrightFinance trading platform.

The Platinum Account: This is the prime of trading accounts on the BrightFinance platform. Assets within this account range from one hundred thousand dollars minimum investment, to four hundred and ninety-nine thousand dollars maximum investment ($100,000 – $499,999). Because of the very heavy capital and high risks involved with this account, the BrightFinance platform provides the investor with a direct line to his/her account analyst. A weekly private session with an analyst, weekly market reviews and financial research are also available for asset holders of this trading account. A long term financial plan by a senior account analyst, and up to five (5) protected trades from account analyst are also made available for the use of the investor in this apex trading account of BrightFinance.

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Invariably, the BrightFinance platform just has something for everyone, no matter your level of experience in the financial market.

Trading Security

The security of the trade environment is a major issue that investment brokers regard seriously to keep fraudsters and scammers away from their platforms, thereby ensuring the safety of the funds of their clients. No matter how attractive the offer of an investment broker is, if the security provisions by such broker are not up to a level of international standard, it is better one stays away from such broker.

The BrightFinance platform is guided by both the AML (Anti Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) policies, and the compliance with these policies mandate the broker to vet and verify the details and the identity of its clients before allowing them on to its platform. Being compliant with the KYC policy especially, the BrightFinance platform in its bid to verify the identity of a customer has to confirm:

  • That a customer is a real person, and not a robot;
  • That the customer is over eighteen (18) years of age; and
  • That the card the customer used belongs directly to him/her.
  • The BrightFinance platform also works with payment processors who notify the broker of any fraudulent card or financial activity from the processor’s side.

The broker also uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) security system to encrypt all credit card payments form its web platform.

A Wide Range of Crypto Assets

The BrightFinance platform has provided cryptocurrencies which represent more than eighty percent (80%) of the crypto currencies available in the world today. This is to ensure that its customers have enough options to choose from, in order to expand its investment horizon. Some of the cryptos assets on this broker’s platform include Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Lite coin (LTC), Bitcoin cash (BCH), Ripple (XRP), and others.

Low Commissions and High Returns Rate

The BrightFinance platform was designed to allow the investor make the best possible profits available in the crypto trade market. This is why the broker charges very meager commissions on withdrawals, and this is to maintain the blockchain technology upon which the cryptocurrency depends.

Customer-Centric Platform

The BrightFinance platform has a very viable customer service team. The customer support team is available to attend to the needs of the customers of the broker round the clock – twenty-four hours a day, five business days. The support team of the broker is well informed, courteous, and responsive. The customer service can be reached either by email, telephone, or a live chat channel on its website.

The BrightFinance platform is a customer-centric platform, because the broker uses the requests and the complaints of the customers to further develop the platform to serve its customers better.

Educational Resources

The BrightFinance platform is embedded with a lot of educational resources to help its customers make the best of investment decisions. In its trading academy, the broker has provided over two hundred (200) hours of eBooks, videos, and trading courses. Besides, this broker has provided all these educational and training materials on its platform to gear its customers towards maximum profit.

Multiple Language Options

The BrightFinance platform provides its services in nine major languages of the world:

  • The English language,
  • The German language,
  • The Spanish language,
  • The French language,
  • The Italian language,
  • The Polish language,
  • The Russian language,
  • The Mandarin language

The presence of these multiple language options makes trade and understanding of trading techniques possible in all these language regions of the world.

A Web-Based Platform

The BrightFinance platform currently operates in a web-based platform. The broker has a unique trading interface that can be optimized for mobile and web interfaces. The web-based trading platform of this broker can be accessed on any internet-enabled web browser, and operating system. As a result, clients of this broker have access to complete trading tools and resources, trading signals, price charts, and other analytical tools to help them make huge profits in their trade in the financial market.


Investing in crypto assets is the new gold mine of the financial asset’s world, the investments hold many juicy prospects; and if properly done, a crypto investment can become the financial dream come true of many. However, as beautiful as it sounds, it requires a lot of hard work and diligence.

The BrightFinance platform reduces a lot of the hard work on the investor’s part as the broker has done all that, to make sure its investors are properly equipped for trading success.

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