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Bitcoin’s Rally Inspires Healthcare Group in Spain to Join Bitcoin Adoption

May 3, 2021

Debate on crypto regulation is spreading worldwide like an ongoing pandemic yet there is no stopping of multiple industries to joint Bitcoin adoption craze. Even with all the odd realities concerning the crypto industry, a healthcare group in Spain successfully adopts Bitcoin because of its ongoing rally. The group says that the financial crisis is about to happen soon therefore the future strategy suggested the group join the blockchain industry.

Biziondo is a specialized institute of spinal treatment in Spain and is one amongst the best of the best in the country. The institute has announced recently that it has devised a mechanism through which patients will be able to settle bills through cryptocurrencies. Digital assets such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have been introduced as an accepted mode of settling bills. Apart from Bitcoin and Ethereum various other crypto assets too have been inducted, the list of which will be provided later on.

The group apprised that all of the clinical and medical facilities can be availed across Spain by patients against crypto payments. Biziondo is of the view that the Bitcoin craze is in fact a “revolution” that is evident across the world. The group added further that the administration and management of the group were convinced that Biziondo should join the blockchain industry. It was decided to expand the payment mechanism and the best way to do it was the adoption of cryptocurrencies, said Biziondo’s management.

Biziondo’s GM, David Izquierdo, remarked that it is glaringly evident that Bitcoin’s revolution has spread all over the world. He suggested that during pandemic governments of the US, Japan, and Europe issued extra currency, which represented 60% of the entire world’s economy.

He was of the view that the world is fast moving towards witnessing a mega-scale global financial crisis. However, it will take up to 3 to 5 years maximum when the effects of the financial crisis will be revealed simultaneously. Therefore adopting Bitcoin is the need of the hour and Biziondo is glad that it has made a thoughtful decision, said Izquierdo.

Izquierdo added further that one could not rule out the inevitable i.e. the future consequences of the financial crisis. Yet humanity has at all times learned how to cope with the changing environment, suggested Izquierdo.

It has been further suggested by Biziondo that crypto payments will be accepted by the end of May 2021. Group’s medical facilities located in Lorca, Bilbao, Malaga, Madrid, and San Sebastian will accept Bitcoin and Ethereum against medical bills.

In the meanwhile, Izquierdo advised further that blockchain technology can play a crucial role in the private medical sector. He said that prior to the induction of Bitcoin, Biziondo had carried out a complete due diligence analysis of how Blockchain can be helpful. He said with the passage of time, the group would be taking further initiatives towards the adoption of crypto and blockchain.

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