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Bitcoin: Why Buy the Dip?

May 24, 2021

Welcome to the 2021 market correction where BTC, the leading digital asset, crashed by around 54%. Nothing hurts investors other than witnessing price melting down while anticipating increases. However, while the BTC market seems to have high selling pressure, the digital coin may be preparing for a far-reaching correction.

Nevertheless, the current market shake can create lucrative purchasing opportunities in BT and most altcoins. Expert crypto investors may purchase Bitcoin and other digital assets as the market has a higher probability to consolidate, stabilize and start the upward trend.

What Happened in the Crypto Market?

Crypto players have varying views on what is behind the recent market movements. Some believe China’s BTC stance initiated the changes. Others suggest it is the ‘Musk’ effects. Moreover, other participants say the fluctuations result from overheated technical environments. Indeed, there is a lot of speculation on the market’s crash. However, regardless of what crypto enthusiasts say, it seems like it was time the market needed to crash. BTC surged by a whole 1,800% after hitting its lowest price last year. Most cryptocurrencies increased by over 5,000%. It is without a doubt that the market overheated and prices needed to decline as they did.

Although 2021 was a green year for the crypto market, things did not last. Most digital assets crashed by more than 50%, while others dropped by over 80% in the past few days. However, Bitcoin and other objects show recovery potentials. Bitcoin crash carries within it a guarantee of enormous correction in the bullish market cycle.

Keep in mind that BTC has seen wild movements during different times. What you may need to know is that the asset recovered. What makes you think that it has gone for good this time? If you can manage the risks, you may be among the lucky people who will smile in the future.

If you trust the BTC price would recover, you can continue to invest in the dip. After all, the crypto market is all about taking calculated risks. Understand the risks and how you can use volatility to your benefit for increased profits.

Nevertheless, do not take this as investment advice. Act with care when you want to invest in this highly fluctuating market.

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