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Anti-Cryptojacking Tool Launched Collectively By Intel & Microsoft

Apr 28, 2021

A massive partnership between economic giants has taken place very recently in the US.

It was reported that two major software developing companies namely Microsoft and Intel have engaged through a partnership. The partnership has been executed for one point agenda i.e. counter-attacks and threats culminating from cryptojacking. In a collective effort, both the companies are working together on software that can detect and prevent cryptojacking in the first place.

By the time of this report, cryptojacking threat indicator software-cum-tool has been launched by Microsoft Defender. It was reported that the tool had been incorporated in Microsoft’s Endpoint.

The endpoint is a computing device designed for bridging connections between networks for communication purposes. For instance, it could be used to communicate between computers to computers, smartphones to smartphones, computers to smartphones etc.

The newly built tool has been named “Intel Threat Detection Technology (ITDT)”. ITDT, which has been exclusively designed and developed by Intel, the same is being duly integrated and applied by Microsoft.

It was told that ITDT is capable of equipping the central processing unit of a computing machine through which the machine can detect the treat. Apart from detecting, ITDT can also enable central processing units to counter attacks and prevent any misappropriation of the user’s data.

At the occasion of the announcement by both the partners, Vice President, Frank Dickson of International Data Corporation was asked to give his opinion. He opined that the tool is a groundbreaking invention and surely has a benefitting purpose for ensuring the best interest of the end-users.

Further details regarding ITDT suggested that the tool is self-efficient. ITDT is equipped to send signals of high fidelity which in turn activates further detectors in a machine without compromising on the machine’s resources.

Cryptojacking is a cyber-attack that is widely notorious around the globe. Its detection and prevention has been a dilemma for the past decade. Being malicious software, it is widely used by cybercriminals for committing cyber crimes. Particularly, the crypto industry is one of the major targets of cybercriminals who use this malicious software to usurp crypto funds.

This infamous software is normally installed in fake crypto mining applications. Once an application is installed in a computer, then it automatically enslaves the computer. Resultantly, the owner of the machine loses control, and access is obtained by cybercriminals. Then it is up to the criminal what he would like to do with the enslaved computer. The misuse of this software has also been seen lately in enslaving entire networks of computers as well.

Now that IDTD is in place both, Microsoft and Intel, are of the collective view that cryptojacking instances would be reduced. Both partners claimed that with further upgrades, they will be able to eradicate the menace of cryptojacking.

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