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AFL’s First NFT Edition Sold Out In Less Than 12 Hours

Aug 18, 2022

On August 17th, the AFL’s (Australian Football League) first limited NFT edition sold out within 12 hours after it was released.

The football league had released the Ripper Skipper 2022 NFT edition via its AFL Mint initiative. Individuals on the Allow List were always to buy one pack each.

Each Pack Of The Limited NFT Edition Sold For 34.39 USDC Each

The initiative had 3,800 packs of NFTs available for users. Also, the AFL sold these packs at about 34.39 USDC each. Hence, the sale would raise USDC worth $130,000.

The Ripper Skipper NFTs had 78 major highlights from the league’s 2021 season using both audio and video. Each pack has three major highlights in different tiers of rarity. 

The highest tier is ovation, followed by deluxe and common. Meanwhile, there is another limited edition that will be released soon. This is the AFL Mint Genesis Ball.

Those who bought the first NFT drop have 10% of being part of the next drop. The next drop will be one to the public on August 24th.

Since users bought the first edition within 12 hours, the next edition might sell faster. NFTs have become very popular in recent months.

NFTs are exclusive cryptographic assets available on blockchains and cannot be copied. NFTs can represent real-world objects like real estate and artworks.

However, AFL wants to expand the concept, offer game tickets, and allow users to meet league players in the virtual space.

AFL To Launch NFT Marketplace In 2024

According to Kylie Rogers, AFL’s General manager of customers and commercials, this technology would improve the football experience for fans. He added that:

“Using the AFL Mint initiative, we want to launch new exciting highlights and moments across the Women’s and Men’s competitions. Also, it would celebrate past legends and release other digital products. This would improve fan’s experiences.” 

Meanwhile, the AFL had mentioned having an NFT market called the AFL Mint in April. This was after it signed a 5 years collaboration with Be Media. Be Media is a subsidiary of Hong Kong’s NFT giant Animoca Brands.

The football league will launch the NFT market in 2023. This would ease the trading and selling of NFT moments between collectors and fans.

The Australian Football League has followed the steps of other sporting leagues entering the NFT sector. The NBA also launched its Marketplace in 2020, called NBA Top Shot. 

In February, the UFC fighting competition also launched the UFC Strike. Other Australian sporting bodies have also followed suit. 

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