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500.trade Review – Finding the Right Broker for your Trading Needs

May 6, 2021

500.trade Review

500.trade logoOnline brokers are the key that can unlock the lucrative and profitable world of the financial markets for you. These markets are renowned for helping people make high returns on their investment, especially as opposed to others. Hundreds of these companies can be found in the market and their numbers continue to increase day by day for accommodating the heavy traffic in these markets. But, it should be noted that not every platform will be the right one for you. For instance, 500.trade is one of the platforms that are offering their trading services, but whether they are good enough or not can only be decided by going through 500.trade review.

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You need to know the features and services of a broker in order to determine if it is capable of fulfilling your trading needs or not. Not all traders may be after the same features, so it is best to consider your preferences and then look at the offerings of the company. As far as 500.trade is concerned, they have put together a well-rounded trading solution for everyone, but you need to check them out thoroughly before you can make your decision. Can it be the right broker for your needs? You can check it out here:

The Assets Available at 500.trade

It is understood that the assets provided by a broker will be your priority because you want the most lucrative options that exist in the market. After all, your goal is to earn maximum returns in a short time span and this can only happen with the right assets. 500.trade gives its clients access to more than 1,200 global financial markets and they have added over 700 instruments from these markets. This ensures that you can find some of the top and most profitable options and can maximize your earnings.

If you are wondering what options you will get, then you should know that 500.trade has given its clients the chance to trade in the forex currency market, indices and stock markets, commodities market and also the cryptocurrencies market. This allows traders complete freedom to diversify their investment portfolio and minimize their trading risks as much as possible.

The Trading Platform at 500.trade

The Trading Platform at 500.trade

Of course, it is not possible or practical to choose a broker without looking at their trading platform. You need to ascertain if the platform has the features and technology needed for trading seamlessly and efficiently. A slow or outdated platform can affect your trading performance and not allow you to earn the profits you want. 500.trade has developed their own trading platform and they have opted to go with a web-based solution.

This is accessible via the web browser and doesn’t need to be downloaded anywhere, which is certainly a bonus. Plus, it also provides users with flexibility because they can use it on their PCs, laptops or their mobile devices, as per their convenience. Moreover, 500.trade has not made any compromises in terms of technology or tools. They use state-of-the-art technology for ensuring superior trade execution and have kept the interface intuitive to make it easy for everyone to use. As for tools, you can get advanced charts, trading signals, custom indicators, fundamental and technical analysis tools and price alerts, amongst others.

The Account Options at 500.trade

Every trader will be expected to open an account with a broker in order to use their services, which means you first have to choose from the options that are available. It is rare for brokers to offer just one account, especially when they are catering to traders of varying skill levels. 500.trade has also added six account options to the mix, each of which is aimed at a specific category of traders. The options begin with the Basic account, asking for a deposit of €250. The Bronze account requires €1,000 deposit, while the Silver goes up to €5,000. Next comes the Gold account that you can open with €10,000.

The Platinum account is for advanced traders and asks for €25,000. As for the Elite account, 500.trade has developed it for VIP and professional traders. It is not possible to directly sign up for this account, as there are some prerequisites that have to be fulfilled first. You can speak to your account manager to find out exactly what this account can offer and the requirements you have to meet. When it comes to features of other accounts, there are some that are common in all.

For instance, all accounts offered by 500.trade come with customer support, price alerts, Pro webinars, daily video analysis and daily market review. However, there are some features like welcome bonus that start from the Silver account and its percentage varies. There are also features like exclusive position access, personalized trading strategy and one-on-one training that are specific to some accounts. You can go over the choices and opt for an account that suits your needs.

The Account Options at 500.trade

The Customer Support at 500.trade

Trading online means that you could have questions about the broker’s procedure or about trading itself. You may also require technical assistance at some point, or there may be other issues. You will need customer support to help you, especially if you don’t want to face delays. 500.trade has provided an FAQ section on their website where their clients can get answers to any questions they may have. They cover most relevant topics, so you will be able to find a solution.

If you don’t get the answers, you can get in touch with their customer support agents through different channels that have been added by 500.trade. These include email, live chat and phone. You can also fill out the online contact form on their website to schedule a callback at your preferred time. Their agents are friendly and supportive and available 24/6 to assist you.

You can also get excellent security, transparent and low trading fees and charges, quick registration process and various deposit and withdrawal solutions when you decide to use 500.trade for your trading needs.

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