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1inch’s Recent Offering Targets Heightened Security; Can That Pacify Distressed Investors?

Nov 26, 2022

1inch is a renowned crypto exchange aggregator. Meanwhile, it released its Rabbithole tool on November 25, aiming at protecting individuals against sandwich hacks. Rabbithole allows people to send transactions to ETH nodes directly, sidestepping the mempool.

Nevertheless, users should change the RPC (Remote Procedure Call) endpoint within their cryptocurrency wallet to utilize the tool. Post that, each swap completed through 1inch will pass through private routing algorithms. Meanwhile, the toll will send transactions with possible sandwich attacks to validators.

Rabbithole – How Does It Work?

A bot executes two transfers whenever it detects a massive pending swap trade. One happens before, while the other comes after, sandwiching the user trade. Meanwhile, additional gas fees are essential to get the initial transaction before the victim trade.

A bot notices the transaction & executes a ‘buy’ transaction for Y before the user trades and Y’s sell transaction after the user trade.

Fewer Sandwich Attacks, but Concerns Remain

Targolic’s June 2022 report confirmed 457,690 sandwich attacks between May 2020 and April 2022. The attacks netted approximately 60,000 Ethereum in profit. Meanwhile, attacks declined after April last year, though worries about such attacks persisted.

Nevertheless, the ROI stayed somewhat constant, despite declined attacks. That scenario confirmed consistent hacker attacks on crypto wallets. Though the benefit falls short at 0.15 Ether, such attacks retained a high total value.

Moreover, while cryptocurrency wallets like Ledger, Trezor, and 1inch Wallet could create & sign transactions, Rabbithole will benefit MetaMask customers.

Crypto Market Today

The crypto space flashed mixed signals for the top ten today. Dogecoin leads the pack, whereas XRP secured support. Meanwhile, Bitcoin struggled to recover as it avoided sub-$16K for the 3rd successive session.

The weekend arrived with faded trading volumes as market participants focused on the Thanksgiving holiday. Moreover, there was no notable news on FTX to offer market direction. And that left NASDAQ Composite to measure buyer appetite.

A shortened holiday session saw NASDAQ plunging by 0.52%. Moreover, concerns about new COVID cases in China and unsatisfactory black Friday updates weighed. Only time will reveal the direction in the financial space.

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