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WizeCaps.com Review – Is Wize Caps a Recommended Broker?

Aug 6, 2020

Wize Caps Review

Wize Caps logoThe goal of every trader and investor in the financial market is to make significant gains and avoid any loss. The global financial market being volatile entails understanding the modalities of trading and the tactics and techniques employed by smart traders. In the same way, to make a profitable investment in the market, one must understand the trading assets that are available in the market and how to make a profit.

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Asset trading is a lucrative investment. For this reason, many traders and investors have taken trading in the financial market as a career and not just a hobby. Smart traders who invest their funds in the market need to grasp the nitty-gritty of the market. Hence, several trading tools and resource materials are sought from time to time.

The volatile nature of the financial assets trading market has made a lot of investors lose their investments, which discouraged some potential traders and investors. The unpredictable nature of the financial market invariably requires some calculations and trend analysis to determine its next course of action.

Although trading Financial Exchange (forex) and Contract for Differences (CFDs) is speculative and highly risky, traders and investors need to analyze the market to understand if it is suitable for their investment goals.

Besides currency/forex trading, other assets available for trading in the market also carry the same profitability ratio for investors and traders. Such trading instruments or assets involve stocks trading, commodities trading, assets trading, trading indices, and recently cryptocurrencies.

Trading in any of these classes of assets involves a high level of risk. All investors in the financial market understand that trading is a high-risk venture, as it can go either way. But with the right information, tools, analysis, and a reliable platform, an investor or trader can make regular calculated risks, and consequently, huge profit from the market.

Any trader or investor intending to make it in the assets trading market needs professional advice and help. This is where the services of brokerage firms come into play. Brokers or exchange platforms are professionals in the financial market, with vast experience in the dynamism and potentials of the market.

While there are genuinely professional and experienced brokers who understand the market, there are also scam brokers who defraud investors of their funds. How then can an investor distinguish a responsible broker from a scam?

There are various brokers in the financial market, such that a trader or an investor does not need to go far or rack his brain to get one. The only challenge, however, is to know which of these investment brokers can stand the test of time and help investors achieve their trading and financial goals.

The trading success or otherwise of an investor or trader in the market is a factor of the choice of broker that the investor places his or her trades with. Hence, when it comes to choosing a broker, smart investors and traders must make informed decisions based on analysis, features, and services offered by any broker.

There is a limited number of legitimate and reliable brokerage firms in the financial market. As a result, traders must engage the services of only the experienced and dependable brokerage platforms. As one of the few legitimate brokers in the market, here is a review of the services and features of Wize Caps and the benefits of investors and traders in the financial market.


Broker Wize Caps
Website www.wizecaps.com
Parent company Wize Private Financial Group
Location Belgrade
Trading account Beginner account, advanced account, and experts account
Minimum deposit €250
Deposit options Credit cards and debit cards (Visa  card and MasterCard), bank wire transfer, UpayCard, and Moneynet
Trading platforms Meta trader 4, web trader, and mobile trader (iPhone and iPad
Trading resources Economic calendar, online academy, technical analysis indicators, and forex eBook
Customer service 24 hours a day.

Office Address, Email, telephone, and a contact form

Wize Caps is a global brokerage and exchange platform founded by a team of seasoned financial professionals. They are dedicated to providing a unique brokerage service for traders and investors in the financial market. The award-winning financial group is focused on delivering valuable service to clients across the globe.

The broker has distinguished itself as a client-friendly and client-centered financial market service provider. Wize Caps provides personalized attention for its clients through its qualified and experienced representatives, hence, delivering sophisticated and exclusive service to traders and investors in financial market trading.

The broker has a team of seasoned and courteous professionals, providing quality customer service to its clients. Working round the clock for 24 hours, the customer care team of Wize Caps attends to all questions and queries of the clients of the broker and also proffers solutions to all their trading challenges.

The Wize Caps platform employs a high level of technology to secure the clients’ funds and data. The broker considers the security of its clients’ assets to be the foundation of its quality services. The funds of the customers are safely kept in a segregated account with the top-level banks in Europe.

Wize Caps also subscribes to the Know Your Customers (KYC) and the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) international security policies to verify the identity of its clients and combat financial fraud, money laundering, and terrorist activities. To further protect its clients, the broker does not accept third party payments under any conditions, as clients of the company are required to provide a Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Residence (POR) documentations.

Wize Caps has a team of market experts who dedicate countless hours developing research and strategies that investors and traders can rely upon to make a massive profit in the financial market.

The broker’s research and educational tools ensure that its clients are equipped with valuable skills and knowledge to excel in the market. These educational resources are suitable for both beginner traders and experienced traders.

Similarly, the broker ensures that clients are provided with the latest and up-to-date trading tools and resources, such as signals, charts, market analysis, indicators, calculators, and more.

Wize Caps has world-class and topnotch trading technology. The broker provides award-winning trading platforms that are user-friendly, intuitive, and are optimized for high performance for traders and investors. The functionality and easy accessibility of the trading platforms ensure that clients have first-hand fantastic experience trading in the financial market. With the trading platform on the web and mobile platforms, the clients can access their trades from any location and anytime across the globe.

Another unique feature of this broker is the provision of multiple trading accounts for investors and traders. Each trading account is equipped with benefits and features, suitable for all classes of traders in the financial market – experienced traders and newbies.

Furthermore, clients of the broker have several options for funding their accounts on the Wize Caps platform. The use of credit card, debit card, bank transfer, and other payment solutions are accepted on the Wize Caps platform. These payment methods are also applicable to the withdrawal of earnings by clients of the broker.

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Superb Customer Service

Founded by a team of financial professionals, the broker knows the importance of its clients. Wize Caps has a dedicated, knowledgeable, and courteous team of customer service personnel. With 24 hours a day service delivery, the broker’s customer service unit provides solutions and answers to queries and questions of its clients. The clients of the broker can contact the customer service through email, telephone, contact form on the web, or visit its office to avail themselves of the quality service of Wize Caps.


Wize Caps uses the latest SSL technology as a tool for encrypting data communication between clients and the server to secure the funds and accounts of its clients. The accounts are well protected to avoid the activities of cyber thieves known as hackers. Hence, its customers’ funds are kept in segregated accounts with the top-level financial institutions across Europe. The broker utilizes the 3D-secure technology for all Visa exchanges as a verification procedure.

As a security measure, Wize Caps uses the Know Your Customers (KYC) international policy, which requires that each client of the broker must go through a verification process while opening an account with the brokerage firm. The KYC policy helps to prevent identity theft, money laundering, financial fraud, and terrorist activity. Thus, as a confirmation of its zero-tolerance fraud policy, Wize Caps is taking all measures to prevent fraudulent activities. Therefore, the broker requires clients to provide the following information and documents when opening an account on its platform:

  • A copy of valid passport with the signature page
  • Copies of credit cards used to make the deposit.
  • A copy of a recent utility bill in the client’s name and address, and more

In the same way, the broker implements the anti-money laundering (AML) procedure to ensure that its customers will be identified for any suspicious financial illegality. Wize Caps is obliged to report suspicious transactions, and thus, does not accept cash transactions, either for a deposit or withdraw on its platform.

Educational Resources

Wize Caps understands the importance of having resource materials at the traders’ disposal and investors in the financial market. Therefore, the broker provides a trading academy for its customers to learn more about financial assets trading and fine-tune their trading tactics.

This trading academy can be accessed online by both beginner traders and experienced traders. The training videos cut across the different levels of trading and financial markets, such as basics of forex, understanding charts and signals, forex basic for beginners, understanding Meta Trader 4, and more.

Trading Tools and Resources

Clients of this broker enjoy unlimited access to topnotch trading tools and resources, such as trading signals, economic calendars, charts, technical analysis indicators for different financial assets, and more.

Top Flight Trading Platforms

Wize Caps provides world-class trading platforms for its customers to have fantastic trading experience in the market. These trading platforms are designed to give the clients an edge over other traders and investors in the financial market.

Meta Trader 4 (MT4): The MT4 is a quick, convenient, and secure multi-asset trading platform. The mt4 provides easy and simplified access to trade forex, CFD’s, commodities, indices, metals, and cryptos. Clients of the broker can download the mt4 to enjoy

  • An intuitive interface
  • Multiple language support
  • Daily account statement
  • Real-time client account summary
  • Advanced charts
  • Newsfeeds

The Web Trader: The web trader is the ultimate solution for online trading, as it provides access to trading forex, CFD, commodities, indices, and futures. The web trader is a user-friendly and easy to use trading platform with a wide range of functionality that makes it popular with experienced and beginner traders. This trading platform can be accessed from any internet-enabled web browser on PC, Tablet, or smartphone.

The Mobile Trader: This is the mobile version of the MT4. Clients can download the mt4 mobile trader and enjoy access to their trading accounts, as well as the financial market, from any location and at any time. With the mobile trader, clients of this broker can trade on the go and never miss out on any trading opportunity.

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Multiple Trading Accounts

Wize Caps has provided multiple options for trading accounts for its clients. These trading accounts have different features and benefits assigned to them.

The Beginner Account: This is the first trading account of Wize Caps. The trading account has a minimum deposit of €250 and is suitable for beginner traders in the financial market. Clients on this account level enjoy access to the broker’s top assets, online live webinars, and free daily market research reports.

The Advanced Account: The most popular trading account on the Wize Caps platform is the advanced account. This trading account has a minimum deposit of €5000 and is suitable for experienced traders and investors. Customers on this trading account level enjoy the following account features:

  • access to top assets of the broker
  • online live webinars
  • free daily market research reports
  • dedicated account manager
  • one-on-one live session (of about three sessions)
  • online academy
  • Three months of access to an expert advisor

The Experts Account: Just as its name indicates, this trading account is suitable for expert traders who have amassed a vast knowledge of the trading market. The expert trading account has a minimum deposit of €20,000. Other features of the account are:

  • Access to top assets of the broker
  • Online live webinars
  • Free daily market research reports
  • Dedicated account manager
  • One-on-one live session (unlimited sessions)
  • Online academy
  • Unlimited access to an expert advisor
  • Full access to live trading room of the broker

Simplified Deposit of Funds

Clients of Wize Caps are provided with a host of payment solutions that make it easy to fund their accounts. These multiple payment options enable clients to quickly and safely deposit funds into their investment accounts via the Deposit portal. After opening an account and getting verified by the broker, the next phase for traders and investors is to fund their trading account and start trading in the financial market.

To deposit funds to an investment account, clients are provided with the following fast and secure options:

Credit Card/Debit Card: Visa card and MasterCard. After approval, payments with this option are credited to the account on the same day as the transaction.

Bank Wire Transfer: This payment option is suitable for clients with large sums of deposit. Transfers can take between 2 to 7 business days, depending on the geographic location of the bank. Wize Caps accepts transfers in US dollar (USD), British Pounds (GBP), and Euro (EUR).

Alternative Payment Solutions: UpayCard and Moneynet. These payment systems help to protect the identity and ensure the confidentiality of the financial details of the clients of this broker.

It should be noted that third party payments are not accepted on this broker’s platform under any condition. Only the account holders can deposit funds into their trading accounts.

Withdrawal of Earnings

The Wize Caps brokerage firm has equally made simple, the withdrawal of funds on its platform. Withdrawal of earnings is simple and straightforward. Clients just have to click the withdrawal funds button, fill and complete the withdrawal form with their account number, amount to be withdrawn, and the withdrawal method. Once the broker confirms this, the withdrawal process will be initiated.

Withdrawal of funds is made through the channel of their deposit. Hence, credit card transactions will see funds returned to the credit card, and the bank wire transfer will be returned to the same bank account.

The withdrawal process may take between 5 to 10 business days, depending on the withdrawal method. Likewise, withdrawal fees may apply for some payment solutions.

Final Thought

Wize Caps brokerage platform is a transparent and user-friendly exchange platform. Thus, the broker has positioned itself as a reliable and trusted broker in the financial market. As a result, an investment in the broker’s platform is certain to result in a profitable outcome for investors and traders.

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