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Weltex Review – Trade Bitcoin With Weltex

Nov 1, 2021

Weltex Review

Weltex logoIt is becoming a challenge to find the right online brokerage nowadays, but Weltex could very well be the broker that you have been searching for all along. This is a top-of-the-line broker which provides a variety of different services and features to its respective clientele and does it in an effective and efficient manner. It readily caters to traders of all backgrounds and experience levels and grants these individuals the opportunity to trade with and access some of the top leading financial markets in the world today. So, let’s take a closer look at what makes this broker one of the best out there via this in-depth Weltex review.

Weltex website

Account options

As is the case with any online brokerage, there is a distinct need to identify the different kinds of account options that are available to you before you ultimately register. This is important as different traders are bound to have varying levels of experience, expertise, skills, and overall knowledge about the online trading sector, and so these individuals are also going to have different needs and preferences as to what an account should offer and what it should cost. With that being said, Weltex offers a total of five different account options, each of which is similar in some ways, however very different in various other ways.

To start with, you have the basic or ‘Standard’ option, which is also the cheapest option that you can go for when you try to make an account with Weltex. This account option offers 1:200 leverage and a margin loan of up to 25%. Additionally, it offers access to daily news about the market and the industry, a ‘Trading Academy’ as part of the broker’s educational resources, weekly market reviews, and an account manager, along with a weekly portfolio progress report. The cost to use this account option is $10,000. Next, we have the ‘Silver’ account option, which has the same leverage as the previous account type (1:200). However, the margin loans offered by this account type are up to 35% instead of 25%. Furthermore, it offers daily market reviews, daily portfolio progress reports, as well as the ability to work alongside a portfolio manager.

Moreover, you will also be given access to monthly sessions with a certified and professional accountant. Finally, you will also get a 24/7 account monitoring service via a top analyst group. The cost to use this account type is $50,000, which is obviously a steep jump from the previous one, so do make sure to check your budget beforehand. This account type is normally meant for traders who have some semblance and knowledge of what goes on in the online trading industry but nevertheless do not want to risk getting involved in anything too advanced.

After this, we start diving into the more advanced options, and of course, the cost to use these is going to be much higher from now on. With that in mind, the next account type offered by this broker is the ‘Gold’ account option. This account option offers the same leverage as the previous two (1:200). However, the margin loan offered by this account type is up to 50% as opposed to 35% offered by ‘Silver.’ Like the previous account option, this account type also offers daily market reviews, daily portfolio progress reports, and finally, the ability to work with a personal portfolio manager.

By opting for the ‘Gold’ account type, you will receive access to a weekly live stream trading webinar as well as one on one sessions with the market on a weekly basis. You will also have access to your very own experienced analyst who will help you with all of your online trading needs and activities. Lastly, you will also be able to gain access to sessions with a certified professional accountant on a monthly basis, as well as be granted 24/7 account monitoring by a top analyst group, and you will receive an end-of-year summary with a certified tax specialist. The amount of money that you will need to access this account type is a whopping $100,000.

After the aforementioned three account options, we start going into the more premier account types that are available, and these should therefore only be used by extremely advanced traders and those who have a lot of money as well as a huge appetite for risk. With that being said, the next account option is the ‘VIP’ account type, which offers a 1:300 leverage. The margin loan offered by this account type goes up to 75%. Once again, you are given access to daily market reviews, a personal portfolio manager, a weekly live stream trading webinar, daily one on one sessions with a top analyst, a fully customized education service, daily market signals, in-depth and verified research, invitations to VIP only events, a managed portfolio, and lastly your very own VIP advisor.

All of these services can be availed at a total cost of $250,000. Finally, we have the ‘Pro’ account. This is the most expensive account type by far as it requires a massive $1 million to use. However, it also offers the most diverse and useful range of trading tools, instruments, services, and features. Once again, though, these trading tools and instruments are usually only going to be the most useful for very advanced and smart traders, and so we will suggest that these kinds of traders strive to gain access to the ‘Pro’ account option. This account type has a 1:400 leverage and offers a margin loan of up to 100%. You will receive daily market reviews as well as signals and unlimited access to Weltex’s services and features with no restrictions whatsoever.

You will also receive a personal chief portfolio manager and daily one on one live stream trading webinars with a top analyst. Additionally, you shall also receive access to a wealth manager and invitations to VIP events and fully customized education service, higher pay-outs, and extremely tight spreads. Again, as this is clearly the most advanced and expensive account type, we would recommend that only the most advanced and experienced traders opt for this account option.

Asset index

If you have any desire to diversify your portfolio and invest in multiple different asset types, then you are in luck because Weltex has offered many tradeable assets that you can trade with. This broker has gone above and beyond to ensure that its traders are given access to some of the best and most phenomenal as well as in-demand asset types that exist within this industry today, and by doing so, it has allowed its clients to trade with essentially hundreds of different instruments across varying asset classes.

With that in mind, the broker’s customers, therefore, have the ability to trade with indices, forex, commodities, and stocks upon signing up with Weltex. Each of these is a great asset for sure, and you are also allowed to trade with every single one simultaneously through the formation of multiple positions. Furthermore, thanks to the innovative and user-friendly trading platform, you can trade while sitting at home, or you can take your online trading on the go thanks to the mobile and web-based trading accessibility that Weltex has readily provided. Lastly, we would recommend that you always try to diversify your portfolio as much as possible since this strategy lessens the chances of incurring substantial losses while also increasing the likelihood of earning more profits across a wide range of different asset types.

Weltex asset index

Trading platform

Next, let us talk about Weltex’s trading platform. Anyone would know that the very first aspect which you would normally see whenever you check out an online brokerage is the trading platform, which is essentially the interface through which you would actually access all of the different services and features offered by the broker and carry out your respective online trading activities. With that being said, it is, therefore, crucial to have a user-friendly and effective trading platform that offers a lot of diversity, as not having such a platform will most likely result in greatly limiting your online trading experience. With that in mind, this broker’s trading platform is one of the best that we have ever seen. Weltex’s trading platform offers a sleek yet professional appearance that anyone can appreciate and use. You will never have to worry about finding all of the different areas and categories of the various trading functions related to this industry when you use this platform.

Furthermore, when you use this trading platform, everything is crystal clear and outlined perfectly as per your needs. All of the functions, buttons, and processes work well, and most traders will be able to find what they are looking for with relative ease. Moreover, thanks to the web-based trading platform provided by Weltex, you can access the platform via virtually any device that possesses a strong and stable Internet connection. These devices can include your smartphones, tablets, laptops, handheld computers, personal computers, desktops, and anything else that you may want to use to access the platform. The trading platform is also compatible with all Android and iOS-based devices.

Customer support

The next factor which must be discussed in detail is that of customer support. Signing up with an online brokerage that has a reliable customer support service is of the utmost importance as this factor may be the difference-maker when it comes to choosing an effective broker and one that is ultimately found to be lacking. This is because traders are inevitably going to face problems while trading online which need to be fixed as soon as possible, as by not having these problems be adequately solved in a timely fashion, you could run the risk of potentially ruining your entire trading experience. For instance, you might run into some technical glitch or error, which could cause you to lose access to your account and all of the funds held in it.

In such a situation (which has been known to happen in the past), unless this problem is solved as soon as possible, you could risk incurring a devastating loss. Of course, we would assume that you do not want such a predicament to happen, and that is exactly why an online brokerage with a capable and reliable customer support team is extremely beneficial to sign up with.

With that being said, Weltex’s customer support service is absolutely fantastic, and the response times are great. You will never have to wait for long before you receive an answer to your query or question. The customer support team itself consists of highly trained, experienced, and capable individuals who have had plenty of experience dealing with the wide variety of problems prevalent in this industry. As such, you can get in touch with the team via email, or you can alternatively fill out an online contact form that will ask you to enter your full name, your email address as well as a brief overview of your problem. Once again, you will not have to wait too long in order to receive a response from the customer support team, and you should know that your problem shall, in all likelihood, be solved as soon as possible in an effective and timely manner.


Now, let’s talk about the process of signing up with Weltex. It is a well-known fact that before you can actually start using the broker’s various features and services, you have to go through the registration process. Now, this process can be quite confusing and needlessly complex when it comes to numerous other online brokerages, and this is a big mistake that these other choices make because it does not really matter what services are being provided and how great the features might be if the process of signing up with the broker in question is overly complicated. In fact, we would even go as far as to say that this process needs to be as simplified as much as possible so that traders can quickly register with the broker and start trading.

With that being said, we are sure that you do not want to spend a needlessly long time just signing up with any given online brokerage, and that is precisely why Weltex has made this process extremely simple and straightforward. With that in mind, all you would have to do to sign up with Weltex is to navigate to the broker’s official website and click on the ‘Sign Up’ icon, which can be found quite easily no matter what device you might be using. Once there, you will be presented with an online form with the heading ‘Create A New Account. Here, you will be asked to fill in some personal information about yourself which includes your full name, your email address, your country of residence, and a working phone number. Keep in mind that you have to be over 18 years old in order to sign up with this online brokerage, and you have to also agree to the various terms and conditions outlined by Weltex as well.

For the latter, we would recommend that you read through the terms and conditions very carefully in order to know exactly what you are getting into and so that you do not have to face any kind of surprises later on. Once you have done all of this, it usually does not take that long for the broker to verify all of your information, although it may ask you to present some extra documentation for verification purposes (this would be on a case-by-case basis). After everything has been thoroughly checked and verified, you will have signed up with Weltex successfully. There are also different language options available such as English and Spanish, for further accessibility.

Final thoughts

Before you make the ultimate decision to sign up with any given online brokerage, you must make sure that you have all of the right information at your disposal first. This helps you make an informed decision, and we believe that our Weltex review has therefore done exactly that. While we cannot force you to sign up with Weltex, we nonetheless truly believe that this broker is one of the best out there and that you are sure not to be disappointed with it.

Lastly, before we finish this review, we would always encourage you to check out the broker for yourself, and you can do this by heading on over to Weltex’s official website. Here, you can find everything that you need to know about what this broker is and does, including the abovementioned terms and conditions, which you should definitely read through when you have the time. If you have any lingering queries or questions, you can always reach out to the broker, and a capable Weltex representative will get back to you as soon as possible. Finally, always make sure to know what your risk appetite and budget are before choosing any of the previously mentioned account options, as this will save you a lot of trouble later on and will help you take part within the online trading industry in a comfortable and less risky way.

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