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Here’s How to Save Yourself from VC Trader Scam and Many Others Like It

Jun 25, 2020

VC Trader Scam

The online world is not always safe for you no matter how clean your intentions are. When you want to trade and make money from trading different assets, you have to be very careful with how you pick your broker. There are many brokers on the internet that provide you with a legitimate trading platform so you can make your dreams come true by making money through trading. However, there are just as many fake brokers out there who are only there to make you deposit your money in their accounts so they can be rich.


Money Back is a fund recovery organization that helps people who have suffered losses from many brokerages and trading platforms. You can recover your losses now finally, with the help of Money-Back.com

They use a variety of tactics to deprive you of your money and you can’t do anything about it. Why can’t you do anything about it? Well, because they are usually online and hence out of your reach. In many cases, they are located in other countries so you can’t really do anything by telling your local law enforcement agencies. Among many online fake brokers and scammers, you will find VC Trader. Many have fallen for the VC Trader Scam and you might end up like them if you don’t pay attention to the best practices of trading online. If you don’t know much about online scams and how to protect yourself from them, here are some tips to help you.

Best Tips to Avoid VC Trader Scam and Other Similar Scammers

VC Trader Scam is nothing new or different. You will find many others like it on the market when you browse the internet for a few minutes. If you are looking to trade, you will land on many fake websites without you even trying to find any scams. In most cases, they choose the most famous keywords and create websites around those keywords to get your attention. For example, Bitcoin is one of the most famous cryptocurrencies right now. It is also the most famous tradable asset around the world at the moment. For that reason, you will find a lot of online scammers using the name of this cryptocurrency to scam people.

So, use these tips to keep away from VC Trader Scam and many others like it.

·         Be Signed up with Online Scam Radars

You might not know but there are many online websites that have been designed to help you by providing you with a list of scam brokers on the internet. These lists are always updating with new entries. Whenever you think about signing up with an online broker, you should go through this list to find out that you are not signing up with a scam broker. The best thing is that you don’t have to rely only on a list. You will get detailed information about every scammer on the internet so you know how they like to play. Once you know their game, you can recognize other scams like them.

So, you have to make sure that you search some reliable online scam radars and sign up with them to get the news on the latest scams before anyone else.

·         Look for Telltale Signs

There are always some telltale signs that tell you that you are about to sign up with a fake or scam broker. First of all, you will notice that not enough information is available on the website of the broker about it. Furthermore, you will not find any regulation information on the broker’s website. If the broker is not regulated, you should stay away from it altogether. Never sign up with an unregulated broker not matter how many reasons it gives you and how convincing it sounds with its sales pitch. A broker will not let you trade if you don’t have any money. The regulation of a broker should act like that for you as a trader.

In addition to that, you will see that the broker is telling you how rich you will be if you sign up on its trading platform. That’s the biggest sign of an online scammer. There is no way for you to hear these words from a legitimate online broker. Real brokers know that their trading platforms are nothing more than conduits that help you trade in financial markets. They can never guarantee that you will make money by trading with them. They can lose all their money in lawsuits if they make such claims. However, scammers make these claims all the time because they just want to you to sign up with them.

·         Subscribe to a Consulting Service

Separating the right brokers from the wrong ones is like getting inside the sea and separating water from salt. It is not an easy job, and you will not be helping yourself it you take it upon yourself to perform all the research to find the right brokers. However, you can always rely on third party services that have been designed to help you in these scenarios. Take the example of Money-Back.com. This particular service has been designed to help you not only before you sign up with a broker, but also after the signup. It will help you identify the broker before you sign up with it.

However, if you have already signed up with a broker and lost some money, Money-Back can help you get back that money as well. That’s a service you will not find elsewhere on the internet. There are no companies in the world that provide this service. In fact, you might not even get help from your local police when you are dealing with an online entity whose identity is not even known to anyone. However, with some great lawyers, trained professionals, and a lot of knowledge of the digital trading industry, Money-Back can get your money back from just about any online broker.

Final Thoughts

The best way to stay safe from scams is not to fall for them in the first place. Any suspicious emails in your inbox or messages on your social media or instant messaging apps should be ignored and deleted. Unregulated brokers should not be given your business. Last but not least, never think you can’t do anything if an online scammer has run away with your money.


Money Back is a fund recovery organization that helps people who have suffered losses from many brokerages and trading platforms. You can recover your losses now finally, with the help of Money-Back.com

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