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US State Louisiana’s Government Mentions BTC Accomplishments In Its Newly-Released Resolution

Apr 24, 2021

The governance members of the Louisiana state in the United States recently applauded Bitcoin for its contributions to the U.S economy. With Bitcoin reaching record levels of over $60,000, the adoption rate of the crypto in the United States has risen to newer levels.

Resolution by the Louisiana State Government

The government of the Louisiana State highlighted Bitcoin’s recent success in a resolution, reportedly published on Thursday, numbered as Resolution number 33 from Rep.

The resolution mentioned that the United States government would like to congratulate Satoshi Nakamoto for Bitcoin’s immense contributions to the strengthening of the U.S economy. The resolution highlighted the importance of Bitcoin, its major success in the market, rising adoption rates, and its enormous amount of market cap.

The first few lines of the resolution stated that Bitcoin is to be commended for being the first-ever decentralized trillion-dollar market asset, and the government is to encourage other states and localized governments, to help the spread of this new technology as it has numerous amounts of benefits attached to it, that can be critically useful.

Furthermore, the resolution mentioned the usage of the asset in the market and also said that Bitcoin is on the verge of potentially replacing Gold as a viable asset. Bitcoin is limited and in a finite number, where the total capacity of Bitcoin that is allowed to be mined is around a 21Million in stock.

According to statistical data from several sources, Bitcoin was able to cross the Trillion Dollar mark in terms of market capitalization at the beginning of 2021. This amazing milestone was reached when the asset had managed to break its own record high, previously achieved in 2017, which then kept on increasing to the point where, as of now, the major cryptocurrency was able to cross a value of $60,000 in the market, beating out all other cryptos behind.

Bitcoin has been the leading crypto in the market for a while now and does not seem to stop unless other competitors find better ways to attract users away from the behemoth that Bitcoin has now become. The huge adoption rate of Bitcoin seems to grow even more as more companies, institutions, traders, and investors get involved in Bitcoin trading, giving them a chance to earn big.

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