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Unocoin Exchange: India’s Leading Bitcoin Exchange – Unocoin Review

Jun 3, 2018

Unocoin Review

The acceptance and usage of cryptocurrencies- especially pioneer cryptocurrency bitcoin, is fast increasing by the day. People from many more countries of the world are continually noticing the relevance of the decentralized payment systems. Hence, the need to make it accessible to as many users as possible and to meet this objective, there is the need for adequate exchange sites that would serve as the intermediate between buyers and sellers of the cryptoassets.

Unocoin bitcoin exchange targets the Indian cryptocurrency market, with an impressive framework that aims at making the digital asset available to users and investors at the best service conditions that can be found anywhere.

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Features of the Unocoin exchange

In a bid to bring convenience to the Indian cryptocurrency markets, the Unocoin bitcoin exchange exhibits a number of peculiar features which are part of the reasons why the exchange has gained so much popularity and preference amongst users. Some of these relevant features include:

Unocoin allows cryptocurrency users exchange Indian rupees for bitcoin. The advantage in this is that buyers can conveniently make transactions, without going through the tedious processes involved in exchanging one cryptocurrency for the other.

There is a relatively low fee of 1% charged for processed transactions. This is an impressive rate, even as this drops further to 0.7% when gold membership status is attained.

Users can make withdrawals in both bitcoin and fiat currency. This means you can directly make a withdrawal to your local bank account through wire transfer.

Now, Unocoin supports other cryptocurrencies other than bitcoin. Hence, users are allowed to make exchange transactions between a variety of cryptoassets.

The exchange has a Mobile App that is usable on both Android and iOS operating systems. Thus, users can carry out transactions more efficiently, and right on the go.

To make use of the exchange, prospective users are allowed to register on the platform using a valid email address and password, after which they are requested to confirm registration from the supplied email. After this is done users are requested to verify their accounts, and then provide all other user information. You can then proceed to make transaction starting from as low as 1000 INR (which is less than 15 USD).

The Unocoin bitcoin exchange operates on a proven track record of accountability coupled with the guaranteed security of users’ funds. As far the cryptocurrency market in India is concerned, Unocoin stands tall amongst the other exchanges yet available.

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