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To Deriving Metaverse Benefits, A DeFi Project Changes Name To ‘Dypius’

Dec 20, 2022

DYP Brand Name Overhauled

After gaining vast experience in the digital asset industry successfully, an ex-decentralized finance (DeFi) project overhauled itself to join Metaverse.

The project was widely known as ‘DeFi Yield Protocol (DYP)’ until it recently changed its name.

Teams behind DYP spent months coming up with a name that can reflect their years-to-date evolution, successes, accomplishments, and efforts. Eventually, they decided to change the brand name to ‘Dypius’.

Dypius is an intergalactic place where, according to science, stars and planets, including planetary systems, are formed through Nebulas.

So the newly branded name reflects the company’s motto that ‘Dypius helps in forming the future’.

DYP’s Past Experience

From day one, DYP commenced its business operations in the DeFi sector as one of the sector’s DeFi protocols.

Prior to the rebranding, the protocol was serving as a source of income earning for users of three prominent blockchain networks.

However, since its inception, it was believed that over time the project would become more than what it was initially.

Initial endeavors of DYP suggested that it was interested in developing an ecosystem for offering multiple DeFi services/products under one roof.

It took a little less than usual for DYP to integrate more than dozen immaculate DeFi services/products into the project. For instance, the project was most appreciated for ‘DYP Tools’ which were hi-tech analytical tools.

These tools allowed users to access real-time data, news updates, market signals and indicators, and expert-based market analysis and insights.

Consequently, DYP users were considered potentially far better off in terms of decision-making abilities as compared to others.

Dypius clarified that it will carry along DYP’s legacy brought through through the introduction of industry-leading tools and smart features.

It further clarified that it would keep intact DYP’s Launch Pad which supports the project in generating capital.

It has been further informed by Dypius teams that they are currently working on the platform called ‘Dypius Metaverse’.

It is claimed that the project under construction would be based on Metaverse and would incorporate CAWS NFT collection.

Dypius Metaverse Benefits

Existing and new users can derive multifarious benefits from Dypius Metaverse as has been claimed by project developers. Developers are of the view that users can introduce their businesses virtually in Metaverse.

In addition, there shall be new reward programs launched offering handsome incomes.

On the rebranding occasion, DYP’s founder, Mihai Busica, remarked that from day one he believed that his project was meant for something bigger.

He said that he had envisioned the project to be beneficial in terms of environment and accessibility. Busica further acknowledged the developers and efforts they initially put in DYP and later in Dypius.

He appreciated the fact that the project is now evolving into a unique ecosystem from a plain DeFi protocol.

In the end, DYP’s founder urged users to keep exploring the newly developed ecosystem and avail every opportunity they find.

Metaverse is the ultimate level of the virtual experience, which is constantly expanding. The blockchain networks offer metaverse technology with a platform where it can expand as larger as it wants.

This way, the technology has the ability to continue offering unlimited entertainment to the users interacting with the platforms. The same technology is being used to offer earning opportunities to users.

What is ‘Dypius’?

Dypius is rebranded name of DeFi Yield Protocol which still remains one of the most rapidly evolving, expanding, and developing DeFi protocols.

Through DYP, the company introduced several praiseworthy solutions in the crypto industry. Some of the standout solutions, apart from tools, provided by DYP include yield farming and Metaverse gaming.

The project also has its own native token called ‘DYP’ which is enlisted with leading crypto trading and exchange platforms of the world.

For instance, firms such as Coinbase, KuCoin, Huobi, etc. have DYP included in their wide range of digital currencies.

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