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This Upcoming Crypto Project Can Be An Ideal Investment In Metaverse

Dec 21, 2022

Current cryptocurrency dynamics are very interesting and show dual behavior. On one side, the established cryptocurrency platforms need help to sustain their business operations.

And on the side, some of the world’s biggest cryptocurrencies continuously suffer from price declines.

Following the current market situation, is there any hope for cryptocurrency investors? The answer to this question is straight yes. There are too many options available for investors.

But according to experts, now is the best time for investors to have a keen eye on newly launched or upcoming startups.

And one of the most eye-catching starts that will hit the market soon is ‘RobotEra.’ Crypto investors are convinced that RobotEra is the future of the metaverse.

This Web 3.0 gaming protocol does not just offer a reward to users in terms of NFTs, but it will also provide them with multiple income generation streams.

What is RobotEra, and why is it Making Headlines?

This project is designed to rebuild metaverse gaming with players who act like robots. The platform that is more likely to hit the market soon is developed by LBank Labs.

The project introduces the various concepts of future socializing in metaverse and NFTs. Let’s talk about the gameplay; the gameplay of RobotEra is full of excitement.

Taro is a fictional platform that is destroyed due to the war between the residents of Taro and an army of robots that has invaded Taro.

The battle was so huge and intense that it wiped out the whole civilization and every single person that had ever existed on Taro.

An indigenous researcher reboots the planet with his scientific research as he destroys whatever is left of the natives and equips the remaining robots with human emotions.

Now robots have no other place to go and are left with only one option: to build the entire plant again. Players are free to choose the robot avatars of their own liking and choice. There are seven classes of robot avatars.

These avatars are NFTs, and everyone has different attributes that evolve over time.

As these avatars are NFTs equipped with diverse traits, they hold some sort of monetary value. Players are free to buy or sell these avatars.

As far as the rationale of the game is concerned, it is focused on how players will rebuild ‘Planet Taro.’ To successfully rebuild the plant, players need to acquire all the resources the land, the robots and etc.

Some side missions just ensure that by completing those missions, players can earn the rewards to make purchases for the real game.

Through this game, players can communicate with each other and can share important insights about how to rebuild the planet again.

This shows how this game is planning to introduce socialization in the metaverse.

Who will be Able to Play This Game?

All those people who will subscribe came by making payments. Payments can be made through LBank Labs’ developed TARO Token. TARO is basically the native token of RobotEra.

Initially, the subscription to the game could only be purchased using TARO. The cryptocurrency is the only legit currency to trade the avatar’s NFTs during the game.

Currently, the token is available for purchase at a discounted price during its presale. At the first stage of the presale, the cost of the crypto token is $0.020. That is expected to rise higher to $0.025 in the second phase.

The final stage, where the token will be pegged against the USD, will see the crypto token touching $0.032.

Experts recommend the immediate purchase of Taro during its current presale round. Otherwise, prices will increase.

Those investors who will earn cryptocurrency can also trade the token in the open market and sell the token in RobotEra’s metaverse.

Given the current circumstances, investors are clearly favoring the new adoptions and upcoming crypto startups.  Investors also need to anticipate the market at the right time.

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