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Thai Tourism Industry Picks Up Japanese Digital Currency Owners For Boosting Tourism

Feb 24, 2021

The tourism industry in Thailand has set its eyes on attracting Japanese crypto owners/possessors. The Thai Tourism sector has proposed to sendoff crypto-dedicated touristic places wherein it wants to host tourists from Japan in the first place.

A huge source of revenue generation of Thailand is through tourism and culture. However, since the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Thailand’s tourism sector was severely damaged. Since the airways were closed therefore nobody could fly in or out in Thailand. Similarly, governments worldwide stopped issuing visas for tourism or other purposes. Resultantly, Thailand’s economy lost a fair piece of revenue in the form of tourism during the end of 2019 till 2020.

But recently, the airways have been opened and now people as well as tourists can fly in and out to Thailand. TAT, which is the tourism authority of Thailand, has announced the opening of places for tourists subject to the following of SOPs.

A further announcement was also made by TAT in which the authority informed that it has developed a new tourist hotspot. It was informed by TAT that the hotspot is crypto-based where tourists will be at liberty to pay either in cash or through crypto. However, TAT has categorically stated that their dire wish is to host tourists from Japan in the first place.

Initiative has been taken in an attempt to revive Thai’s tourism industry and sector as there was no revenue collection in 2020.

The crypto-friendly tourist place has been developed with the help of the Technology Promotion Association. The association is a combined association hosting officials from Japan and Thailand. This is why TAT held discussions with the Association and selected Japan to be the first of the hosts. It was categorically stated by TAT that it wants to target crypto owners of Japan particularly.

TAT’s Governor Incharge, YuthasakSupasorn, was found appreciating the digital currency sector. He stated that the integration of crypto within the tourism industry will help Thailand to strengthen its tourism sector.

TAT also said that they are aware that most of the crypto owners belong to Japan. It informed that the average rate of crypto holders worldwide is 7%. However, in Japan alone, the average is approximately 11% which is in fact higher than the rest of the world.

TAT’s Governor invited Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, and said that they would be pleased to arrange a tour for Musk if he agrees.

The Thai Government has set up a goal to host at least eight million tourists. Usually every year, Thailand hosts about 10 million tourists coming in from all parts of the world. It was informed by TAT that huge sales will be carried out from the start of April 2021. The tourism season in Thailand normally starts in April and ends in September every year.

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