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Snoop Dogg Applies For More Metaverse And NFT Trademarks

Jun 20, 2022

Popular American, Singer Snoop Dogg, has applied for more trademarks for various digital products. The rapper continues to expand his reach into the NFT and metaverse space. 

Snoop Dogg Files More NFT And Metaverse Applications 

On the 14th of June, Dogg applied to USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office). He made the application for UNCLE SNOOP’S and UNCLE SNOOP.

Michael Kondoudis, a Trademark Attorney, revealed news of the application. According to his tweet on the 20th of June, he highlighted the application’s content.

Kondoudis noted it covers footwear, headwear, clothing, smoking goods, and virtual cannabis. Also, it includes marketplaces for digital collectibles and NFTs. 

Meanwhile, if the USPTO approves the application, Dogg can offer several products. They include energy drinks, smoking articles, and hemp cigarettes NFT tokens linked to physical or digital products.

Snoop Dogg Continues To Invest In NFTs

Since the widespread adoption of the metaverse and NFTs, several celebrities have shown interest. While others continue to release new NFTs, others continue to host virtual concerts. 

Additionally, celebrities such as Billie Eilish have filed for metaverse trademarks for her brand name. However, one celebrity has stood out from the rest: Snoop Dogg.

The famous singer has embraced the concept of NFTs while also collaborating with various creators. This partnership aims to prepare him for the digital economy. 

For example, the rapper has bought the Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT. Also, he has partnered with various metaverse projects. Among them includes the Cardano-based Clay Nation and the Ethereum-based Sandbox.

Notably, with the aid of NFTs, singers have various means of earning passive revenue. This is in addition to their earnings from traditional streaming.

Additionally, using blockchain technology, artists can control the pricing of their products. They can earn royalties from these NFTs when resold to other users. 

Apart from the music industry, top sports persons embrace the NFT and metaverse industry. According to Finbold, the NBA (National Basketball Association) star, Kevin Durant, has joined the NFT ecosystem.

The Brooklyn Net star has over 26 metaverse and NFT applications. These applications seek to allow fans to buy unique and downloadable NFTs and crypto-collectibles. 

Also, they would be able to trade them on crypto and NFT marketplaces. Furthermore, global brands have also joined the nascent industry. They are leveraging the sector to stay in contact with their fans. 

For instance, the EPL (European Premier League) has applied to offer digital products. Among them includes digital collectibles, virtual trading cards, digital tokens, etc. 

Sports clubs such as Manchester City, Paris Saint-German, and Barcelona have filed metaverse applications.

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