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Significant Bitcoin Miners Have High Hopes for Bitcoin Cash’s Promising Future

Feb 15, 2021

There is a significant increase in the gains for Bitcoin Cash since the past several weeks. In addition, there is this positive aura within the crypto space surrounding Bitcoin Cash, which included recent support provided to it by Kim Dotcom, an entrepreneur from the online industry. Meanwhile, two prominent executives of bitcoin mining, Jihan Wu and Jiang Zhuoer also shared their thoughts over Bitcoin Cash when they both were part of a discussion called “Satoshi’s Angels”.

Jihan Wu and Jiang Zhuoer are two globally renowned higher officials of Bitcoin mining who are also intriguingly bullish regarding the 5th top digital asset, Bitcoin Cash.

Both miners of the Bitcoin have been long educating the masses about Bitcoin Cash and its benefits. It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that both have been prominent advocates for BTC and regarded as its brand ambassadors.

The two entrepreneurs were recently asked to giveaway red envelopes through a virtual meeting channel called Wechat. Red envelope is a famous way of giving away gifts and rewards in China on the occasion of Chinese New Year festivities.

It was informed by Cindy Wang that she invited Jihan to the Wechat channel to giveaway red envelopes which he gladly accepted. She also told that through Jihan three envelopes were given away to individuals that contained different messages. Wang further informed that during her conversation with Jihan, he revealed to her that Bitcoin Cash will continue to rise further.

She also said that later on her team sent a text message to Zhuoer and invited him to join the virtual channel. As Jihan, Zhuoer also accepted the invitation and joined the virtual channel.

Cindy stated that having a conversation with Zhuoer was a wonderful experience for the participants of the virtual send-off meeting. She apprised that Zhuoer too then distributed 3 red envelopes amongst lucky individuals. He also commented that while leverage is a risky business, however, mining is capable to making anyone rich.

Bitcoin Cash has continuously been earning phenomenal gains since the past many weeks. On Saturday i.e. 13th February, the value of Bitcoin Cash was roughly US$ 549 per coin. However, as of today, its value has crossed over US$ 724.88 as per price index charts available at Coindesk.

Bitcoin Cash also managed to achieve its all-time high when it went upto US$ 728 on Saturday. However, Bitcoin Cash could not retain the gains and lost a couple of dollars. The fall is usually the result of week’s closing as it is quite normal at the end of the week that crypto prices decline a little bit. The important thing is that the price index suggests an expected increase in its value.

In any case, both prominent Bitcoin miners are clearly Bullish about Bitcoin Cash and its future which is a good sign for BTC owners.

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