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Serbia’s Prince Philip Says Bitcoin is Freedom

Mar 24, 2022

Speaking on a Serbian TV show, Serbia and Yugoslavia’s Prince Philip said that ‘bitcoin is freedom’. He stressed that taking money away from the state was necessary. A member of the House of Karađorđević, Prince Philip said that they need to have hard money once more. He went on to say that good quality money was required, which would not be subjected to inflation. Prince Alexander’s fraternal twin, Prince Philip is also the son of the last crown prince to have governed the former Kingdom of Yugoslavia. After Prince Peter, he is the second in line to get the throne.

According to the website of the Royal Family of Serbia, he is currently working in London with a global asset manager. He confirmed on the show that he was working in finance and was part of asset management for an international finance firm. He added that the company had an office in London, but its head office was located in New York. He also disclosed that he is an analyst and loves analyzing the world. He said that his job was to do an analysis of the market to tell his clients what would happen and what is happening with their portfolios.

The prince said that he also speaks with other analysts as well as portfolio managers who are part of the company in order to make good decisions. He said that it was a great experience and he gets to learn things. When asked about cryptocurrency, Prince Philip said that he wanted to talk about bitcoin, not crypto, because bitcoin is the most important. He said that the pioneer crypto offers freedom and he wants everyone to have it. He said that people would understand the potential of the crypto slowly. He also asserted that some people would not be willing to do so because they would want to protect the system that is working for them.

However, the prince noted that many of these people don’t realize that the existing system is not a good one for many people around the world, due to which billions of people are dealing with problems. In fact, he went as far as saying that money has to be taken away from the state and he clarified his statement by saying that they needed money that would not be vulnerable to inflation. He said that the problem of inflation was happening now. The prince noted that a huge amount of stimulus has been added to the economies since the last financial crisis struck back in 2008.

He added that after the coronavirus pandemic, further stimulus had been pumped into the economy and the money had resulted in inflation. The prince stated that this was a problem that could be avoided with bitcoin because there are only 21 million bitcoins that will exist. He stated that this would prevent bitcoin from becoming an inflationary asset and would protect the people. Plus, bitcoin is also free from censorship and it can be moved around with people’s sovereignty, which can provide freedom.

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