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Samsung Unveils Space Tycoon Metaverse Encounter On Roblox 

Jul 17, 2022

According to reports, Samsung has announced the release of Space Tycoon. Space Tycoon is a metaverse-based encounter for users designed as part of the Roblox environment. 

Additionally, it is a universe where users can build Samsung items by selecting their basic components. Samsung will feature these basic components in the gaming metaverse, which is meant to engage Gen Z consumers. 

Furthermore, the new digital world will have a store where players can purchase in-game stuff. Meanwhile, Samsung had opened a store on Decentraland in January. 

Samsung’s New Metaverse On Roblox 

Basically, large companies are now concentrating their resources on the metaverse project. The goal is to build metaverse-based worlds that are captivating.

The famous firm Samsung is also introducing a digital world, Space Tycoon. It was developed as a part of the Roblox world. 

Users can now take part in the space station metaverse. They would gather items to develop and manufacture Samsung items as part of the metaverse experience.

Additionally, there will be a store in the virtual world where users may buy stuff for their online avatars. Samsung’s demographic target for this project is the younger generation.

Jinsoo Kim, the senior VP of Samsung Electronics’ Corporate Design Center, talked about the Space Tycoon as follows:

“The company wants to provide our Gen Z clients a unique opportunity for them to communicate with various Samsung goods. We shall keep showcasing digital materials. This aims to give our current and future consumers more valuable and enjoyable experiences.”

Metaverse History Of Samsung 

Samsung has been participating in several software projects focusing on entertainment and gaming. The firm has been developing several initiatives with other influential firms in the metaverse space.

Among them is the NFTs platform it established after collaborating with the famous NFT market, Nifty Gateway. The initiative aims to enable the platform to provide its NFTs via Samsung smart TVs.

Additionally, the organization has invested in tech firms that want to develop platforms based on the metaverse. In April, Samsung took part in a Series A fundraising round for Doubleme.

Doubleme is a metaverse platform with a base in Korea. In the same line, the business opened its own metaverse store in January to serve more users.

It opened the store in Decentraland, one of the most well-known metaverses. However, the company decided to concentrate on the software aspect of the project.

As a result, it did not exhibit gears and materials specifically designed to enable these experiences. Meanwhile, the metaverse is frequently linked to augmented reality and virtual reality. However, some people are still confused about the metaverse stands for.

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