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Regulatory Authorities to Join Hands for the Regulation of Cryptocurrencies

May 31, 2021

There was a time when people thought that Donald Trump’s administration was skeptical about the adoption of cryptocurrencies. However, things are not looking any different for Joe Biden’s administration either.

Ever since Joe Biden’s administration took the office on January 20, 2021, the cryptocurrency industry has been under a lot of pressure. The majority of the regulators in the United States under Joe Biden’s administration are not that welcoming towards Bitcoin and altcoins.

With happenings all over the cryptocurrency industry, it has become evident that the regulators in the United States would need a lot of time to build trust in cryptocurrencies.

Ever since Joe Biden’s administration came into power, the regulators have become very active towards cryptocurrencies. However, the positive side about the entire situation is that Joe Biden’s administration is thinking about regulating cryptocurrencies.

Whereas, in Donald Trump’s tenure, the situation was completely opposite. During Donald Trump’s tenure as the president of the United States, the regulatory authorities were focused on taking cryptocurrencies down.

The present situation is much more flexible and calm for the cryptocurrency sector than it used to be in the past. Now, the regulators are trying their best to ensure that the entire cryptocurrency industry becomes regulated.

For this particular purpose, the United States regulatory authorities are joining hands and streamline the entire cryptocurrency industry together. As per the latest reports from the United States, the regulatory authorities are joining hands and are also bringing in other agencies on board.

All of the regulatory authorities are aiming to join hands and collaborate in order to bring the cryptocurrency industry under complete control.

The regulatory authorities more anxious than any other in the United States, aiming to regulate the cryptocurrency industry are the financial authorities of the United States.

These regulatory authorities are determined to introduce reforms and strict regulatory policies surrounding cryptocurrencies in the country. The financial authorities are taking all steps and maneuvers into consideration in order to come up with a plan not to harm the investors.

Similar to other regulatory authorities from all over the world, the financial regulators in the United States are concerned about the well-being of their investors. It is the investors’ group that is badly impacted by the potential losses in the cryptocurrency industry.

Many regulators from all over the world have always stressed the fact that cryptocurrencies are full of risks. By using cryptocurrencies, investors are investing in an asset that is untrustworthy and volatile in nature.

Therefore, the investors, as well as the money-savers, are at the risk of losing their money to an unreliable digital asset. At present, the regulatory authorities of the United States are trying to figure out which authority is going to oversee the cryptocurrency market.

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