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Price Analysis of The Luxury Coin, CACTUS, and QuadrantProtocol

Mar 2, 2022

The cryptocurrency analysis report is here with three cryptocurrencies currently delivering high gains to their investors. The names of these three crypto protocols are The Luxury Coin (TLB), CACTUS (CACTUS), and QuadrantProtocol (EQUAD). For now, these cryptocurrencies seem to be performing really well so it is important to look at their performance individually.

How well has The Luxury Coin Performed?

In the past 24-hours, The Luxury Coin has surprised the entire cryptocurrency industry by recording a high rally. The data has revealed that in a matter of 24-hours, the bulls have invested enough money that a 165.99% rally has been formed. It is because of the high support of the bulls and the rally that The Luxury Coin has reached a unit value of $0.3051 per TLB.

The bulls are still going for high acquisitions of The Luxury Coin that has amplified the trading volume for The Luxury Coin to $102,456. The market valuation for The Luxury Coin has also increased at the same rate as the value of The Luxury Coin, moving up to $565,789.

If the bulls keep displaying high spirits and show confidence in the rally, The Luxury Coin may elevate to $0.5583 per TLB. As the bulls form stronger rallies and keep marching against the bears, the price of The Luxury Coin may soon hit $0.7900 per TLB.

The investors may go for another major push from their end and take full advantage of the RSI and moving averages. This way, they will succeed in hitting $.9539 per TLB.

Where does CACTUS stand at the Moment?

CACTUS has also delivered high performance in the past 24-hours because its value has been uplifted by 146.86%. After the rally, the value for CACTUS has escalated to $0.000000003048 per CACTUS. CACTUS has also gained a lot of weight in terms of its valuation and trading volume. At present, the trading volume for CACTUS is up by 557.90%, displaying a volume worth $101,470.

The bulls are constantly pushing the price of CACTUS with their strong buying power. The analysis for CACTUS predicts that the contribution of investors towards the bullish trend would push CACTUS up to $0.000000005286. Going forward, the bulls may intensify their buying potential, pushing CACTUS up to $0.000000009881.

Is QuadrantProtocol Capable of Rising More in Value?

The QuadrantProtocol has delivered high performance in the past 24-hours, as it has managed to grow by 112.82%. The unit price of QuadrantProtocol is currently hovering over the $0.009816 per EQUAD benchmark.

As far as the question goes pertaining to QuadrantProtocol’s growth, the strong rally indicates that QuadrantProtocol may continue growing higher. The bulls may continue pushing harder, forming a stronger rally, and managing to hit a high price of $0.02523 per EQUAD.

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