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Price Analysis of Silva Token (SILVA), Mobius Finance (MOT), and AXEL (AXEL)

May 15, 2022

The price analysis of Silva Token, Mobius Finance, and AXEL has been shared by the on-chain data analyzing firms due to their strong performance. Most of the firms have shared positive and bullish predictions about Silva Token, Mobius Finance, and AXEL. Further analysis for SILVA, MOT and AXEL will where the analysts are hoping to them in near future.

Silva Token (SILVA)

The trading rate of Silva Token is currently trading at a high price of 0.0000000008304 per SILVA. Thanks to a 37.50% rally in the past 24-hours, the selling pressure of the bears has been deflected. Even now, the investors are fending off any selling pressure coming from the bears.

The buyers are showing that they are very determined in supporting the bullish trend. They may continue doing whatever they can to make the current bullish trend last longer. If the bulls are able to run the rally for a longer period of time, Silva Token’s price may grow up to a high of $0.000000001108 per SILVA.

Mobius Finance (MOT)

On May 7, the exchange price of Mobius Finance was at a low of $0.01988 per MOT. The sellers managed to maintain the bearish trend for the next few days until the bulls shaped a robustassembly.

In the past 24-hours, the bulls formed a strong buying trend forming a 32.95% rally. As a result of the strong rally, the trading price of Mobius Finance has been pushed up to a high of $0.02669 per MOT.

The investors have also started moving in to favor the bullish trend by backing up the bulls. They are also adding their investments to the efforts made by the bulls.

Going forward, the investments my continue providing full support to the bulls. This would allow the bulls to form stronger rallies, which may push its trading price to a high of $0.02995 per MOT.


The interchangeamount of AXEL has experienced a 24.81% surge that has brought its price up to a high of $0.17 per AXEL. Prior to the surge, AXEL had exhibited a low trading price of $0.1324 per AXEL.

The investors are still trading AXEL on a higher scale to maintain a strong trading volume. The bulls are trying hard to ensure the rally persists and keeps bringing in better outcomes.

As the buying sentiments of the investors continue growing stronger, then they may start acquiring AXEL with higher determination. This would also encourage more neutral investors to join the trend and make more investments.

As the rally continues, other growth factors such as RSI, oscillators, and moving averages may also follow the actual trend line. This would be a positive indication confirming that the investors will be able to push AXEL to $0.21 per AXEL.

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