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Price Analysis of ONBUFF (ONIT) and Eden (EDEN)

Apr 23, 2022

ONBUFF – 17.25% Price Surge

The price of ONBUFF has reportedly surged by 17.25% in the past 24-hour, and it has happened due to the strong buying support of the investors. These investors are very eager to see the price of ONBUFF experience a surge. Therefore, they are pouring in extra cash to make it happen and push ONBUFF to newer price heights.

At the time of writing, ONBUFF is at a high price of $0.1967 per ONIT but it was at a low of $0.1656 per ONIT. It is through the constant buying efforts of the bulls that the price of ONBUFF has reached such a high level in the past 24-hours.

The trading volume for ONBUFF has also become a reflection of the true intentions of the investors with respect to its current market demand. ONBUFF’s trading volume has elevated by 120.77% in the past 24-hours, reflecting the high buying sentiments of the investors.

If the rally continues and the investors remain persistent in purchasing ONBUFF, then its value may surge to $0.2136 per ONIT. Going forward, the sentiments of the investors may become firmer, and they may contribute to the bullish cause with more investments.

This would eventually rush the value of ONBUFF to a high of $0.2321 per ONBUFF. Once the RSI and the moving averages of ONBUFF also start rising within the bullish zone, more investors would grow interested in investing in ONBUFF.

This would further elevate the price of ONBUFF to $0.2521 per ONBUFF. As ONBUFF elevates to such a high price, it may get ready to enter the resistance zone. Over time, the investors may try and push the price of ONBUFF all the way up to the resistance zone.

Eden – 17.02% Price Surge

Eden’s price has also experienced a surge in value in the past 24-hours that has elevated its price. According to the price analysis report, Eden recorded a 17.02% elevation in value. The surge has pushed the value of Eden from a low of $0.4049 per EDEN to a high of $0.4720 per EDEN.

The trading volume for Eden has also elevated by 154.54% in the past 24-hours, bringing it up to $5,995,001.

Going forward, the investors may continue with their strong buying activities. This would result in pushing the price of Eden to a high of $0.5121 per EDEN.

As the investors keep going for higher gains, the relative strength index for Eden may move into the positive domain. This would result in pushing the value of Eden to a high of $0.5121 per EDEN.

As the thrust keeps building with the stronger buying ability of the bulls, the price of Eden may rise all the way up to $0.5557.

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