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Price Analysis of Ninebot (NBG), ThePiggyGarden (TPG), and more Cryptocurrencies

Feb 25, 2022

Ninebot (NBG) has found itself among the fortunate cryptocurrencies, as it has observed a high rally in the past 24-hours. The price of Ninebot has reportedly been pushed up by 56.83%, bringing the unit price of the cryptocurrency up to $0.8442 per NBG.

At the given time, the investors have high sentiments for Ninebot, which means they prefer buying Ninebot at a high rate. If the Ninebot investors keep doing it, they will be acting in favor of the bulls, pushing the price of Ninebot up to $1.08 per NBG.

As the investors keep adding more Ninebot to the accumulation pool, Ninebot’s price may get pushed up to $1.23 per NBG. Another strong push from the investors would result in surging the price of Ninebot.

Over the course of time, it is expected that the confidence of the investors may rise, which may push Ninebot over the value of $1.41 per NBG.

After Ninebot, it is ThePiggyGarden (TPG) that has demonstrated promising growth, which is pointing towards a positive trend. This is the reason why the analysts have started making positive predictions in favor of ThePiggyGarden.

For now, the value of ThePiggyGarden is sitting at $0.02919 per TPG, and ThePiggyGarden has reached this figure after observing a 54.67% surge in the past 24-hours. If the predictions are parallel to the current trend for ThePiggyGarden, ThePiggyGarden may end up growing up to $0.03717.

As the interest level of investors grows in accumulating ThePiggyGarden, its price may surge to $0.04225 per TPG. With the performance scale currently pointing towards “strong buy” sentiments, the price of ThePiggyGarden may grow up to the third resistance mark ($0.04802).

However, the third strong resistance mark for ThePiggyGarden would prove to be an extremely difficult test of patience for the bulls. If they are able to overcome the pressure from the bears and are able to sustain their constant bashing, ThePiggyGarden’s may surge to its third resistance mark.

The third cryptocurrency observing a high trend in terms of its value is Phoenix Global (PHB). According to a data analysis report for Phoenix Global, it has observed a 38.92% increase in the past 24-hours. It is the rally formed by the investors that has pushed its price up to $0.003135 per PHB.

If the bears do not exert much pressure from their end, then the bulls will have the opportunity of achieving a high elevation in favor of Phoenix Global. The first elevation point for Phoenix Global would be $0.003745 per PHB. If the rally is persistent and recurring, then Phoenix Global may grow up to $0.004109 per PHB.

If the investors keep putting in more effort and provide strong support to the bulls, then Phoenix Global may grow up to the third resistance point of $.004509 per PHB.

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