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Price Analysis of Hamster Share (HSHARE) and Lobstex (LOBS)

Apr 1, 2022

Time to look at the past 24-hour performance of Hamster Share and Lobstex that have demonstrated substantial gains in terms of their prices. Both cryptocurrencies have the attention of almost the entire crypto-verse to find out where these cryptocurrencies would be in near future.

Hamster Share (HSHARE) – 50.89% Swell

The trading value of Hamster Share has reportedly swollen by 50.89%, bringing it up to a high value. Before the rally kicked in, the price of Hamster Share exhibited a low figure ($43.75 per HSHARE). The rally has given a significant push to Hamster Share, as the trading price of the HSHARE/USDT pair is now at $74.83 per HSHARE.

The performance graph for Hamster Share suggests that the trend line is currently moving in the upper direction. This is very promising for the investors wanting to invest in Hamster Share, because they can pour money into Hamster Share without any worries.

If the rally for Hamster Share continues, then the price of Hamster Share may continue experiencing an upsurge. The first high mark the bulls may try and achieve for Hamster Share would be $84.35 per HSHARE.

This would be a normal and a very well-measured move made by the bulls. If the bulls find success in their strategy, then the price of Hamster Share may elevate to $84.35 per HSHARE.

If the bulls keep adding more value to the cause, then the price of Hamster Share may grow up to $89.72 per HSHARE.

The bulls may not make a stop at $89.72 per HSHARE. If they continue with their strong buying power, the price of Hamster Share may rise up to $95.44.

The opposite predictions for Hamster Share suggests if the bulls fail to fight off the resistance of the bears, then Hamster Share’s price may dip to $67.34 per HSHARE.

If the sentiments of the bulls continue dropping, the bears may use the situation to their benefit, bringing Hamster Share’s price down to $54.55 per HSHARE.

Lobstex (LOBS) – 50.61% Swell

The price of Lobstex has also witnessed substantial gains in the past 24-hours. The bulls have continued with their buying spree, which has formed a powerful (50.61%) rally. After the recording of a strong rally, the value of Lobstex has surge to a high of $0.04248 per LOBS.

If the confidence level of the bulls continues to rise, their determination to acquire more Lobstex may surge as well. This would result in pushing the price of Lobstex to a high of $.05323 per LOBS.

Going forward, the bulls may demonstrate a stronger rally, which would see the price of Lobstex grow up to $0.05997 per LOBS.

With the RSI for Lobstex getting pushed into the bullish zone, the price of Lobstex may elevate to $0.06376 per LOBS.

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