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Price Analysis of Dogecolony (DOGECO) and Qrkita Token (QRT)

Feb 5, 2022

The bulls have reportedly increased their buying power to initiate a powerful rally in favor of Dogecolony (DOGECO) in the past 24-hours. They have been increasing their buying power to push Dogecolony’s price higher. So far, the bulls have managed to work up a 457.01% rally in the past 24-hours.

At the time of writing, Dogecolony’s price has moved up to $0.000005304 per DOGECO. The sentiments of the bulls versus the sentiments of the bears are much higher in keeping Dogecolony at a higher scale.

This is the reason why they have rushed the price of Dogecolony and are aiming to keep it that way. The back-to-back rallies initiated by the investors may help take the price of Dogecolony up to the $0.000005582 figure.

This would boost the morale of the investors and help them muster up the strength to go for another rally. This would eventually help in pushing the price of Dogecolony to the $0.000005734 mark. At the second strong resistance mark, the bears may launch their counter-attack to deflect the bulls.

However, if the bears fail to keep up with the strength of the bulls, the price of Dogecolony ends up growing up to $0.000005964.

As for the bears, they will need to push harder as compared to the bullish sentiments of the investors. They will need to apply double the pressure against the bulls to push the price of Dogecolony down to $0.000005154.

If things start working out in favor of the bears, they will gain another chance to go for a win against the bulls. This would dip the price of Dogecolony to $0.000004867.

The price of Qrkita Token (QRT) has also experienced a 372.60% surge in the past 24-hours. This is also the hard work of the investors as they have kept up with the bulls in keeping the high tend alive for Qrkita Token.

As the investors gain more confidence and feel no pressure in pressing with more strength, the price of Qrkita Token may rise from $0.000009599 to $0.000009854.

The investors may, however, try to cause a hindrance for the bulls at $0.000009854, which is the strong resistance mark for Qrkita Token. If the blockade created by the Qrkita Token bears is broken by the bulls, then its price may get pushed up to the second strong resistance mark ($0.000009967).

Qrkita Token may provide more space to the investors in adding more money and pushing its price higher. Therefore, the strong confidence from the investors’ end adding up to the bulls’ efforts would push it across the $0.00001154 figure.

If the bears continue losing to the bulls against their buying efforts, the price of Qrkita Token may continue reaching new heights in days to come.

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