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Price Analysis of CROC BOY (CROC) and Shina Inu (SHI)

May 10, 2022

Let us go through the price analysis of CROC BOY (CROC) and Shina Inu (SHI), and analyze where these cryptocurrencies will be in near future. So far, both CROC and SHI have recorded huge rallies on their protocols, and their performances have been very promising.


At the time of writing, the trading price of CROC BOY is worth $0.0001416 per CROC and the bulls are trying really hard to keep it above this level. The bulls are constantly sustaining the pressure coming in from the bears and are trying to push CROC BOY’s price higher.

In the past 24-hours, a strong rally has managed to elevate the trading price of CROC BOY by 59.56%. The investors are constantly pouring more money into the cause making it more attractive for investors who currently have neutral sentiments.

Their goal is to bring the neutral investors to their side so the rally gains even more momentum. Prior to the rally, the trading price of CROC BOY was worth $0.00008715 per CROC.

The bulls may not let the bears try and take over the control of CROC BOY again. Therefore, they will do whatever they can to keep the rally strong and firm. Soon, the RSI for CROC BOY may also get pushed into the bullish zone. This would result in pushing the trading price of CROC BOY to a high of $0.0002036 per CROC.

Over time, the moving averages and the oscillators may also start pointing towards a bullish trend. They may suggest a buying trend for CROC BOY, which would be a positive sign for its growth.

In the upcoming days, the trading price of CROC BOY may experience a huge surge, pushing it up to a high of $0.0002684 per CROC.

Shina Inu

Shina Inu is also a strong performer and at the time of writing, Shina Inu bulls are facing heavy pressure from the bears at $0.0000004881 per SHI. Before the bulls had formed the rally, Shina Inu traded at a low price of $0.0000003225 per SHI.

However, Shina Inu experienced a 52.60% rally, which elevated its trading price to its current high price of Shina Inu. Along with the buying rally, the investors are also trading Shina Inu on a very large scale. So far, they have pushed the trading volume of Shina Inu by 146.26%.

The investors are trying to bring in as many investors to the bullish side as possible. For this purpose, they may continue buying Shina Inu on a large scale. This will result in pushing the trading price of Shina Inu to a high of $0.0000006233 per SHI.

As the momentum keeps growing stronger and more investors keep joining the trend, the trading price of Shina Inu may surge to $0.0000007236 per SHI.

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