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Price Analysis of CoTrader (COT), CloakCoin (CLOAK), and Penguin Karts (PGK)

Mar 26, 2022

CoTrader (COT) – 91.51% Rally

On March 22, the value of CoTrader was at a low of $0.00003999, and at that time, it seemed that the bulls had control of the trend. However, the bulls launched their counter against the bears in the past 24-hours. The counter resulted in forming a 91.51% rally, which led to pushing the price of CoTrader to $0.00008442 per COT.

As the situation for CoTrader is currently bullish, then the bulls may use it to their benefit and launch a strong rally. This may push the price of CoTrader up to $0.0001230 per COT.

As the moving averages of CoTrader are currently showing “buying” sentiments of the investors in general, then it means that CoTrader may continue elevating in value. As a result, the price of CoTrader may grow up to the second resistance mark of $0.0001512 per COT.

Once the neutral investors start acquiring CoTrader alongside the bulls, the price of CoTrader may elevate to $0.0001685 per COT.

CloakCoin (CLOAK) – 90.65% Rally

CloakCoin is also rolling on the high road with the strong buying potential of the bulls. In the past 24-hours, the bulls have proven to be quite strong against the bears but it wasn’t the case a few days back. On March 21, the value of CloakCoin was at a low of $0.5621 and it seemed that the bulls won’t be able to recover at all.

However, the bulls did launch a strong attack against the bulls in the past 24-hours, forming a 90.65% rally. The rally has reportedly helped CloakCoin reach a high value of $2.33 per CLOAK.

If the rally continues, the technical factors may also start siding with the upward trend for CloakCoin. This would result in pushing the value of CloakCoin up to the first high mark of $2.85 per CLOAK.

As the pressure keeps building over the bears, they may attempt to defend the next mark at $3.18 per CLOAK. But if the bulls overcome the bears, then CloakCoin surge to $3.54 per CLOAK.

Penguin Karts (PGK) – 75.22% Rally

The investors supporting the bullish trend of Penguin Karts can rest assured as it has recorded a 75.22% rally in the past 24-hours. The rally has worked wonders for Penguin Karts, pushing it from a low of $0.05493 per PGK to a high of $0.09647 per PGK.

Still, the momentum for Penguin Karts keeps building and it keeps gaining more strength. As the sentiments of the investors keep growing more positive, their acquisition power for Penguin Karts may start growing as well. This would result in pushing the price of Penguin Karts to a high mark of $0.1327 per PGK.

As the buyers keep gaining more Penguin Karts, the price of Penguin Karts may grow up to $0.1725 per PGK.a

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