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Price Analysis of Bridge$ (BRG.X) and KamPay (KAMPAY)

Feb 21, 2022

Among the cryptocurrencies newly inducted into the crypto-verse, Bridge$ (BRG.X) is a digital asset that has demonstrated high gains in the past 24-hours. According to the performance examination of Bridge$, it has been flowing smoothly towards a high trend.

In the past 24-hours, Bridge$ has reportedly picked up the pace in terms of strong support from the investors. At the end of the trading day on the 14th of February, Bridge$ stood at a closing price of $0.11 per BRG.X.

At the time of publication, Bridge$ stands at a high price of $0.1793 per BRG.X. It was actually the past 24-hours when Bridge$ started to pick up the pace. With the help of a 60.67% rally, Bridge$ was able to hit the current price.

As per the analysis data, Bridge$ may continue observing a high trend if the bulls are able to challenge the bears on a higher scale. Given the current circumstances of the overall crypto-industry, the bears have the potential to exert a tremendous amount of pressure.

Therefore, the bulls will need to step up their game and keep going with Bridge$ purchases on a higher scale to cause a long-lasting impact. If the bulls are able to provide the right kind of support to the Bridge$ investors, then Bridge$ may rise up to $0.2880.

The more investments the bulls are able to get out of the Bridge$ investors, the more chances of the RSI traveling higher inside the positive territory. This would eventually help in boosting the price of Bridge$ up to the second resistance mark of $0.3754.

Although it would be able difficult for the bulls to run the rally for a longer period of time, if they maintain it long enough, Bridge$ may rise to $0.4324.

Then comes KamPay (KAMPAY) which has earned enough respect from the investors to have witnessed a 50.19% rally in the past 24-hours. At the beginning of the trading day, KamPay’s price stood at $0.004711 per KAMPAY. However, within 24-hours of trading, KamPay’s value has surged tremendously, and KamPay is not exhibiting a high value of $0.007153.

It is expected that the bears may pose a lot of pressure from their end to scare off the KamPay investors from supporting its bullish trend. However, if the bulls are able to sustain their pressure, the KamPay investors may not leave their side. This would eventually lead to another rally supporting a surge in KamPay’s value. In this particular case, KamPay is expected to rise up to $0.01074.

As the input of the KamPay investors increases, KamPay may elevate to a second strong checkpoint ($0.01349). Then all the investors have to do is keep supporting the bulls until there is enough strength built in favor of KamPay, pushing it to $0.01512.

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