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Price Analysis of Bitcoin Asia (BTCA), AAptitude (AAPT), and Crypto Shield (SHIELD)

Mar 28, 2022

Bitcoin Asia (BTCA)

On March 24, the price of Bitcoin Asia exhibited a low price of $0.001409 per BTCA. The bears reportedly attempted to drag the price of Bitcoin Asia lower with a strong selling spree. However, the bulls prevailed with the help of high acquisition power in the past 24-hours.

The bulls joined hands bringing in more investors to their side, which resulted in a 114.78% rally. As a result of the powerful rally, Bitcoin Asia’s price has surged to a high price of $0.003537 per BTCA.

As Bitcoin Asia is still experiencing a strong rally, it is expected that the investors may keep adding more value to it. They may keep buying more Bitcoin Asia, which would eventually increase Bitcoin Asia’s demand. As a result, the price of Bitcoin Asia may surge to $0.005566 per BTCA.

As the sentiments of the investors grow more positive, and they keep going for higher gains, the price of Bitcoin Asia may surge to $0.007164 per BTCA.

AAptitude (AAPT)

AAptitude also witnessed a low price of $0.00002469 per AAPT on March 24. At that time, it seemed that the bulls had no control of AAptitude, and the price for AAptitude may continue diving lower.

However, the bulls countered the bears with an even stronger acquisition power. This resulted in uplifting the price of AAptitude at a very high rate. According to statistics, the rally that has pushed the price of AAptitude to a high of $0.00004166 per AAPT is 109.45%.

This is indeed a very strong rally and it has set AAptitude on a path to strong gains. It is to be expected that the bears may attack with higher selling power, but if the bulls keep buying more AAptitude, they may continue winning.

With more power against the bears, the bulls may succeed in pushing the price of AAptitude up to $0.00006446 per AAPT and then $0.00008210 per AAPT.

Crypto Shield (SHIELD)

Crypto Shield investors are also glad at looking at high gains in a matter of Crypto Shield. Crypto Shield has also experienced an 80.73% rally in the past 24-hours that has pushed its trading price all the way up to $0.0002552 per SHIELD.

If the bulls keep investing more money into Crypto Shield, then its price may continue elevating. The bulls are extremely determined in pushing Crypto Shield’s price higher. In the upcoming days, they may demonstrate stronger sentiments in favor of Crypto Shield, pushing its price to $0.0003582 per SHIELD.

If the RSI and the moving averages also grow highly bullish, then the price of Crypto Shield may succeed in growing all the way up to $0.0004740 per SHIELD.

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