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Price Analysis of BabyNFT ART (BBNFT) and Meta Dragon City (DRAGON)

Mar 14, 2022

The crypto market is constantly shifting as it makes stars of new cryptocurrencies on a daily basis. However, majority of such cryptocurrencies only manage to stay for a little period of time before losing their hype.

However, some cryptocurrencies do manage to prove their might as they keep going for higher gains, proving their high adaptability potential. Among these cryptocurrencies are BabyNFT ART (BBNFT) and Meta Dragon City (DRAGON) that have demonstrated high gains in the past 24-hours, and have managed to keep them going.

We will now run analyses on BabyNFT ART and Meta Dragon City to analyse their future prices in the upcoming days.

BabyNFT ART – 296.78% Surge

In the past 24-hours, the bulls have gained enough confidence in pushing the value of BabyNFT ART to newer heights. The bulls have therefore, demonstrated their sentiments about BabyNFT ART in the form of a strong 296.78% rally. At the time of publication, BabyNFT ART’s value is worth $0.0000000002033 per BBNFT.

Just as the demand continues to grow, the value for BabyNFT ART may also grow higher. The trading volume may also witness a huge surge which would be proportional to the demand for BabyNFT ART. At the time of writing, the trading volume for BabyNFT ART is worth $127,027.

In the upcoming days, the bulls may increase their buying force to create more demand for BabyNFT ART. As a result, the value of BabyNFT ART may rise to the first strong resistance mark ($0.0000000004036 per).

Over time, the rally may start losing its steam but if it manages to stay alive for a while, then BBNFT value may rise to $0.0000000005284. The bulls may go for another buying spree to push the value of BBNFT even higher. The third major resistance mark the bulls may aim to achieve would be $0.0000000006120.

Meta Dragon City –197.81% Surge

Meta Dragon City’s valuation has also grown at a high rate in the past 24-hours. The data shows that the value for Meta Dragon City has also surged by 197.81% in the past 24-hours and it may continue growing higher if the buyers do not lose their acquisition interest.

At the moment, the unit price for Mega Dragon City is worth $0.00000001399 per DRAGON. The data shows that the constant investment of investors has also increased the trading volume for DRAGON. At the current time-stamp, the trading volume growth rate is 247528.83%.

If the trading volume and the value of DRAGON continues growing, it will set on the path to high resistance benchmarks. As a result, the value of DRAGON may move up to $0.00000002635 and then $0.00000003545 per DRAGON.

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