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Peter Schiff Hopes High For Gold And Bitcoin In 2023

Jan 27, 2023

Peter Schiff Positive about Bitcoin and Gold In 2023

Peter Schiff was recently seen analyzing targeted assets for the purposes of investment in 2023. He was primarily looking at the options where investments can reward high returns as well as turn out to be ‘real hedgers’.

His analysis has led him to determine not one but two possible hedgers, one is of course Gold while the other is Bitcoin.

Schiff is known for not being very friendly towards cryptocurrencies and his determining Bitcoin as a ‘hedger’ is quite a shocker.

What Schiff Believes?

Schiff is a famous economist who is the founding Chairman of Schiffgold, an entity involved in dealing with precious metals.

He is widely also known as a ‘crypto skeptic’, who has never shied away from expressing his dislike about Bitcoin. He is among those who seem to have despised the existence of Bitcoin, simply being a digital asset.

Despite being a hater of Bitcoin for a long time, he is compelled to admit that Bitcoin has a bright future ahead of it in 2023.

He has come up with an explanation to support his speculation, which is an assurance for Bitcoin investors.

He has now come to the conclusion that during 2023, the markets of two assets would go up i.e. Gold and Bitcoin. It is a strong and supporting statement coming from Peter Schiff coming in favor of Bitcoin.

Before his latest viewpoint on Bitcoin, Schiff has always ranked Gold above anything and especially Bitcoin. Whenever he got the chance, he availed the opportunity to bash Bitcoin and even the entire crypto industry.

Yet on 23rd January 2023, Schiff posted a tweet in which he predicted a great future for Gold and Bitcoin in 2023.

He said that the markets of Bitcoin and Gold would continue to move up fast. He also said that the reasons behind their rise would be contrary to each other.

Gold and Bitcoin as ‘Hedgers’

According to Schiff, since inflation is increasing and on the other hand value of the dollar is declining, Gold would become a hedger.

As regards Bitcoin, he opined that tightening monetary policies would help Bitcoin to transform itself into a ‘hedger’.

Counter Opinion

Schiff’s tweet post however attracted opinions to the contrary as well as healthy debate. There were several responders who replied to his tweet and recorded their disagreement with Schiff’s viewpoint.

Some people commented that Gold is good for investment but not a recommended hedger primarily when the financial crisis wouldn’t end sooner.

There were some, who thought that Schiff is signaling investors to buy Bitcoin.

There were also people who argued in favor of Bitcoin and claimed it to be a better hedge than Gold.

One of the responders included Tim Draper who said that his stakes are high for Bitcoin because it acts well against inflation. He even went on to suggest that Bitcoin would always be his first priority while Gold would be second.

Furthermore, Draper is quite optimistic about the future price of Bitcoin specifically by 2030. He said if he sees in the future in 2023, then Bitcoin is selling at a price over $187,000.

Bitcoin Push after Schiff’s Support

Whether it was deliberate or non-intentional, however, Schiff’s remarks about Bitcoin offered it further support.

As compared to Gold, Bitcoin is moving up soon after Schiff’s comment and since then has swelled up by at least 27%.

Many started a debate as to which of the two i.e. Bitcoin and Gold has been continuously outperforming the other.

The majority voted in favor of Bitcoin and claimed that Bitcoin has been consistently outperforming Gold for the past many years.

Though Schiff never supported Bitcoin openly, his predictions had been important for Bitcoin.

For instance, when Bitcoin’s value was surging in 2018 and crossed $3,000, he said Bitcoin was undervalued. He claimed that its value had to be touching five figures instead of four.

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