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Payment Acceptable in Monero Only And Not Bitcoin, Says Darknet’s White House

Jan 3, 2021

White House Market – a notoriously famous marketplace at Darknet, refuses to accept payment through Bitcoin. Requires customers to pay on the basis of Monero instead of Bitcoin. Market’s Administrator informs they are facing issues with Tor exit nodes.

 It was reported earlier that various marketplaces at Darknet had been dropping Bitcoin as payment. It was also reported that they wanted to use Monero (XMR) instead of Bitcoin. However, the report was confirmed when on December 28, the White House dropped Bitcoin for sure and prompted to Monero.

White House had been known for being one of the biggest marketplaces at Darknet. The message was tweeted on Twitter by an anonymous user who informed that Monero would be accepted as payment now.

It was later on re-confirmed by News.Bitcoin.com which had to visit the White House through the onion URL for confirmation of the news. The administrators at the White House reported that they were facing difficulties in receiving payments through Bitcoin. In order to avoid unnecessary delays, they decided to drop Bitcoin and promote Monero. It was further detailed that the White House was denied Tor exit nodes’ access. But in order to continue to gain access, the White House had to respect their decision.

From now on no payments on the basis of Bitcoin would be entertained at Darknet’s White House Market, said its administrators.

As compared to Bitcoin, Monero had been quite a new cryptocurrency which was launched in the year 2014. It was developed as a privacy-focused digital coin with built-in privacy features such as bulletproofs, stealth addresses and dandelion++ etc. But the currency received the kick-start when it was adopted by various marketplaces at Darknet.

It had been pointed out that the White House had now become the first market at Darknet which is Monero based only. However, most of the marketplaces at Darknet had been accepting payments in Bitcoin, Ethereum, Zcash etc. But there had been only a handful of markets that accept Monero as payment at Darknet.

What is important now is to see whether the White House’s adoption of Monero would be of any benefit to Monero. Apparently, in 2020 every cryptocurrency’s value was soaring, however, Monero missed out on price gains most of the time.

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