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Opera Has Come Up With A New Tool Offering Users Security Against Web3 Fraudsters

Dec 16, 2022

Opera, a major Web3 browser has made an announcement about the launch of new tools for the users. The purpose of the new tools is to offer security to the users against Web3 abnormalities and risks.

New Tools for Users’ Protection

Opera officials have confirmed that they have launched a new set of tools with the intention of offering protection to users.

Most of the time, the users end up ignoring the common risks that are involved with the Web3 ecosystem. These risks may look small but their ultimate impact is enormous on the users.

Opera is among the Web3 platforms that are concerned about the security of the users amidst the growing malicious activities in the Web3 industry.

The malicious actors have been coming up with different ways and tactics to target innocent users. It has become a huge level of concern for the entire crypto-blockchain industry.

Web3 technology has been attracting millions of users to its ecosystem. The very utility and the number of services available through Web3 technology are growing in number.

Therefore, large groups of people are now interacting with technology. This is the reason why Web3 technology has become a hunting ground for malicious hackers.

They have been coming up with different ways to lure people and steal their funds and personal information.

The new tools have been launched by Opera keeping in mind the safety and protection of the users while they interact with the Web3 ecosystem.

Opera Calls the Tools “Web3 Guard”

Opera has announced that the list of the tools they are offering is part of Web3 Guard. As communicated by the officials, Web3 Guard will act as a suite of features that are security-oriented.

The purpose of these tools is to provide security and protection to users against malicious actors and phishing attacks.

As they are related to Web3, it means that they are posed against the users interacting with the decentralized applications (DApps).

How do the Tools Work?

The tools have been designed to scan the DApps to discover any security vulnerabilities and codes that may be suspicious. The tool is also very sophisticated when it comes to reviewing the history of the audits.

The tool keeps on running audits on the DApps to ensure that the particular DApps have not developed any kind of malicious codes. If the tools do discover a vulnerability, they ensure that the users do not use them.

The users are alerted by the tools through notifications on their browsers or other communication channels provided by them.

By checking the audit history, the tool ensures that it is able to keep a track of the DApps and highlight any abnormalities.

The users can also view the insights about the applications so they know what they are interacting with. This feature provides further protection and security to the users with the insight feature.

The Scanning Feature

The tool also carries out scanning of the web pages to ensure there are no see phrase phishing attacks placed by malicious actors.

The phrase phishing traces give an indication that the DApp may be used for the purpose of exploits. Some of the most common phishing methods are phishing properties and phishing keywords.

The tools are very straightforward with their scanning because they do not get into any kind of personal or private data of the users.

Benefits of the New Tools

With the introduction of the new tools, Opera has attempted to take Web3 adoption to the next level. The Web3 technology has proven to be very beneficial for the DeFi segments such as metaverse and NFTs.

With the new tools to provide protection and security, the users will have more freedom and peace of mind interacting with such features.

If more platforms keep coming up with similar security tools, they can get rid of the malicious elements from Web3 industry for good.

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