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OmikoTrade Review – Offering True Trading Freedom to Its Traders

Aug 30, 2022

OmikoTrade Review

Are you interested in CFD trading and want to start your trading account as soon as possible? If your answer is yes, then that’s great news, but you have to be careful with selecting your first trading platform. A good platform that cares about its traders gives them the freedom to trade however they want. Moreover, it offers them plenty of choices so they can trade without feeling restricted and restrained. My OmikoTrade review will bring your attention to one such platform.

After several months of research, I have found this platform that I think truly understands what freedom means to traders. Let me prove my point by talking about its main features.

Many Trading Accounts with Plenty of Features

The fact that this platform gives you plenty of choices is evident right from the number of accounts it offers you. You can choose mainly from 4 trading account. There are two more accounts, but you can sign up with them only on the invitation-only basis. Now, the 4 accounts that I just mentioned offer you a great range of features. Firstly, I have to mention that you can sign up with the Classic account with just $250. With this account, you can expect up to 5% profitability on your trades. With a VIP account, which is the 5th one on the list, your profitability can be as high as 30% and more.

As soon as you open a paid trading account with OmikoTrade, you will have access to the trading academy. To make things better, the company has also offered webinars to all of its traders irrespective of the account they pick. Last but not least, you will also have limited training sessions with an account manager with the Classic account.

Trading Conditions to Support Traders

It is not as though the broker is supporting you by giving you any guaranties on returns, but it is definitely offering you a helping hand in many aspects. For example, starting from Silver and up to the VIP account, you will get cash back on your trades. The cash back can be as big as $10 on every lot for 6 months after you open your VIP trading account. The company is putting in efforts to make trading affordable for its traders by offering them discounts on spreads. There is no discount on spreads if you go with the Classic account, but it goes from 10% and 20% to 50% as you move from Silver to Gold, and Gold to VIP account.

I do want to mention here that the company lets you open a free trading account as well. Through this account, you can get a hang of the trading software as well as the main aspects of trading online. The trading platform you use will be available to you on your desktop computer, tablets, laptops, and all major smartphone devices.

Plenty of Assets in Various Financial Markets

Before you sign up with OmikoTrade, keep in mind that you will be trading CFDs with this company. CFD trading means you don’t own the asset, but you only own the contracts that yield a benefit or loss based on the accuracy of your price prediction. Through CFDs, the broker is giving you access to a number of financial markets and thousands of trading instruments. For example, you can sign up with OmikoTrade and trade forex currency pairs. You can also trade indices or stocks if you want. There is a long list of assets available in the commodities category for you.

Last but not least, if you want to try your trading skills in the new and fast-spreading cryptocurrency market, you can do that from this trading platform too.

Final Thoughts

There are many trading tools you can use for free once you have a paid trading account with OmikoTrade. Furthermore, you can access the customer support on phone or email 24/5 when you need help. I am sure there is a lot more for you to discover when you visit the OmikoTrade website.

OmikoTrade Review


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