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Neon Expecting Huge Interest From Early Buyers Of $NEON’s Presale

Feb 12, 2023

Neon Link’s Upcoming $NEON Pre-Sale

Neon Link, a company committed to introducing innovative and effective gaming technology, announced the commencement of the pre-sale of its native utility coin ‘$NEON’.

The company announced that the pre-sale of $NEON shall be commenced on 15th February 2023, which is a Wednesday. When the presale gets launched, the users will have the opportunity of buying the tokens in their preliminary stage.

For many investors, it is the best opportunity to get their hands on the platforms that may return huge gains for their investments.

According to Neon, its native utility coin shall be instrumental in the upcoming games of the network itself. Whatever content the protocol launches, the users may be able to access it using the native token.

Since $NEON has been proposed to be initially introduced through pre-sale, hence, the aim of the project is to evaluate public response.

Hence, Neon Link is hoping to attract promising feedback from the public, especially from the gaming community.

Official Launch after Initial Token Offering

Neon Link has also made a further announcement that after the pre-sale, public sales shall be followed. However, usually official launch of a utility token like $NEON depends entirely on the feedback/response from the public.

If the pre-sale feedback is as good as the sale initiator was expecting, then the initiator doesn’t waste time in commencing the official sale. However, in case the turnout is low, then the initiator delays the official sale.

Neon Link has however undertaken that it shall launch the official sale very soon after the pre-sale i.e. initial token offering.

What Is In For Early Adopters

Neon Link is an established gaming network that has, under its belt, a number of successful and widely played online games.

The project is also currently working on introducing a number of new blockchain based games in the future. For instance, the project is set to launch at least three of its new games this year.

These upcoming games include Ascend The End (a third-person shooting game), Neon Saga (mobile and browser based), and Neon Punk (NFT exclusive).

If anyone is interested in buying in-game card packs or entering competitions or participating in venues, then $NEON shall be highly important. It is through $NEON that the person can do these activities.

Even the competition money is proposed to be paid by Neon Link in $NEON.

$NEON would hence be the official currency for the entire network of Neon Link which consist of games, developers, gaming communities, etc.

Those who would acquire $NEONs in pre-sale could be lucky in the future as asset value would vary depending on the market.

Since $NEON is going to be part of the digital asset economy, it would hence be affected by digital asset market conditions.

Most importantly, Neon Link is committed empower the holder of $NEON within its ecosystem.

Apart from gaming, the network currently offers a variety of key services. For instance, Neon Link already has an active NFT marketplace called ‘Neon NFT’.

Similarly, the network also has to offer Neon Wallets to its community members. Furthermore, it gives each community member a unique gaming ID, etc. $NEON would hence be ultimately linked with all of these services and offerings.

The project has plans for offering further and better products in the future on which Neon Link’s team is already working hard.

For instance, the team is busy developing a ‘suite of products whose project was commenced in 2022.

It is expected that whenever the team completes a ‘suite of products’, Neon Link would be able to launch loads of products subsequently.

Furthermore, Neon Link focuses not only on the gaming community but also on crypto enthusiasts. This is proven by the fact that Neon NFTs is set to introduce NFT-based games.

Thus the NFTs can further be used during the in-game experience or for transactional purposes also.

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