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Massena – A Locality in New York – Becomes Hot-Spot for Bitcoin Miners

Jul 28, 2021

Massena, which is the St. Lawrence County, situated in the State of New York adjacent to the borders of Canada are having difficulties coping with the local Bitcoin miners. Aggrieved by the difficulties, the town administrators are in the process of introducing a new set of rules and regulations concerning Bitcoin mining activities in the area.

Massena is a town that has turned recently into a breeding ground for Bitcoin miners. Being a remote area, which is also adjacent to the borders of Canada, has a population comprising of only 13,000 residents.

There have been a large number of miners establishing their Bitcoin mining farms within the area. The continuous growth of the mining industry is apparently causing difficulties for Massena’s St. Lawrence county office. The administrator of the town has taken up the matter with the local crypto miners. He has now decided that the issue involves the formulation of a new set of rules and regulations concerning mining activities within the locality. As an interim measure, the local regional authorities have said that they need to stop the establishment of any further farms for the time being.

The authorities have proposed to impose a ban of at least 3 months. During this time, no mining farms, irrespective of whether they are Bitcoin farms or farms for other cryptocurrencies, will not be entertained. It was informed that no permissions or licenses will be granted to any miner during the moratorium period. Though applications will be obtained by the local regulators, yet approvals will be suspended until the end of the suspension.

Steve O’Shaughnessy, who is the Administrator of the town, suggested that his town is turning into a dockyard. He pointed out that there are containers all over the town containing Bitcoin mining machines. He clarified that the town doesn’t need too many trailers stationed at a few distances throughout the town. He said that miners are welcome in the town but mining facilities have to be established systematically. They shall not be allowed to ruin the landscape by converting the town into a commercial hub for Bitcoin mining activities.

It has further been noticed that because of the Bitcoin miners, the town is facing difficulties such as a shortage of electricity. Even this fact was duly acknowledged by Massena Electric, a company existing in the town supplying electricity to the residents. Massena Electric’s CEO also stated that if Bitcoin miners are allowed to develop further farms, then there will be an acute shortage of electricity. However, the company also revealed that it has been working to increase the electricity source. But it will take a considerable amount of time for the town to become electricity-efficient so as to facilitate further miners.

However, the decision of suspending further Bitcoin mining facilities hasn’t been implemented yet.

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