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Japan’s Famous Pop Artist Wishes To Invest In Crypto

Feb 4, 2021

Crypto investment craziness is growing within the showbiz personalities as well, particularly amongst pop stars from the region of Asia. Though only 18% of Japanese investors have been investing in crypto but majority of Japanese pop artists wish to become crypto investors.

The former Japanese pop band member, Nakada Kana, who also founded the band, recently shared her experience of being a crypto investor. She was being interviewed by Sunday Japon – a famous Japanese TV show – in which she told that she had recently got rid of some of her cryptos. She neither spoke which cryptocurrency she owned nor disclosed at a price she sold the assets. However, what she told was that though the price of her crypto asset was going down but she still managed to sell the crypto at profits.

Kana also told that she was completely unaware that anything such as crypto ever existed. However, she came to know of crypto when she happened to read one of the books on cryptos which was written by Warren Buffett. Thereafter she read multiple books of Warren Buffett and understood the concept of cryptography and crypto coins. After learning crypto, she then became an investor which she told was a life-changing venture for her.

Kana was asked whether crypto will continue to remain on the Bull-Run before the Olympics which are going to be held in Tokyo. She replied that she is aware that people are going crazy to see crypto going further up and she is one of them too. But it is true when media is covering too much regarding something then that thing tops, she said.

Looking at her statement it clearly means that Kana believes that crypto Bull-Run will last longer than expected.

Kana informed that her band’s traditional rivals i.e. band SKE48, have launched new self-promoted non-fungible tokens (NFT) in the form of digitalized cards. She revealed that each member of her band J-Pop has been featured in these NFT digitalized cards.

She also informed that the band issued NFT cards for the first time in the past year and all the cards were sold immediately. She said that at that time, a crypto exchange firm called Coinbook had helped the band by supporting NFT cards. She told that the NFT cards have been specifically built of the world’s biggest blockchain namely Ethereum on the basis of ERC-721 protocols.

Meanwhile, a Japanese-based crypto exchange platform, Bitflyer, has recently published a report regarding crypto investment. In this report, Bitflayer has compared crypto investment between US and Japanese investors. Report revealed that while 68% of investors in the US are crypto investors, on the other hand, in Japan only 18% are crypto investors. Surprisingly a large number of Japanese investors do not think of crypto is a great source of storing value. Meanwhile in the US, crypto has emerged as the fourth investment receiving asset.

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