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InvestingCrypto – Does It Provide Tailored Crypto Features?

Nov 28, 2021

InvestingCrypto Review

InvestingCrypto logoTrading in the crypto space is now more difficult, as valuations have reached a maturing phase after a long bull run. In such an environment, gains are smaller, the prices are more volatile, and it becomes challenging to spot what tokens manage to outperform.

All of these issues make the case for a solid crypto trading offering. InvestingCrypto is one of the CFD brokerages out there claiming its features are in line with the latest market requirements. This material will analyze what this broker is capable of and ultimately see if it lives up to this claim.

Five Account Types

The InvestingCrypto trading infrastructure is very welcoming at first glance, mainly thanks to the fact that the account opening process is straightforward and there are 5 account types traders can choose from. Basic, Standard, Gold, Platinum, and VIP come attached with various trading benefits, including:

  • Flexible leverage up to 1:400
  • Daily market reviews
  • Daily portfolio progress
  • Trading academy
  • Support from an account manager
  • Weekly portfolio progress reports

Regardless of choice, funding an account with InvestingCrypto is convenient, because the brand accepts payments using popular solutions such as credit/debit cards and wire transfers, in some of the most well-known fiat currencies.

trading cryptocurrencies with InvestingCrypto

Hundreds of Assets to Trade

Although the current asset coverage includes hundreds of CFDs, we’ll focus mainly on cryptocurrency instruments. Even a trader who wants to focus solely on this asset class can be relaxed, as InvestingCrypto is not only limited to the large and well-known tokens in the market.

Instead, customers are free to gain a broader exposure, with tokens such as Polkadot, Neo, Stellar, Cardano, and Binance Coin all on the roster, all of which are now trending among institutional and retail traders. Keep in mind that leverage is flexible depending on the account type and asset type. The same goes for trading costs, but all in all, these conditions are attractive for all customers.

Valuable Support

When taking customer support into consideration, a professional brokerage does not only ensure a team of experts constantly in touch with traders. Although that’s a key part, the education front plays an increasing role nowadays, as markets are constantly changing and new people join the world of trading. With InvestingCrypto, traders can access a comprehensive trading academy and learn from the pros.

InvestingCrypto trading platform

All customers, even those holding small accounts, benefit from an account manager, which means personalized support depending on personal goals and prior trading background. You can also use trading signals, in order to copy other ideas or back your ideas up with what other experts believe about where markets are headed.

Final Thoughts on InvestingCrypto

Since the global cryptocurrency market capitalization is nearing $3 trillion, few can comprehend the magnitude of the growth that’s been in place for the past year. InvestingCrypto turns out to be a CFD brokerage able to bring digital assets closer to the wider public. It does so with a very competitive trading offer and proprietary software, constantly aware of traders and their issues.

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