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Goldman Sachs Predicts Quick $8 Trillion Economy for Metaverse

Jan 28, 2022

Goldman Sachs acknowledges that the Metaverse economy could turn out to be an 8 Trillion Dollar economy in no time.

Metaverse is undoubtedly a project of the future which the people are witnessing in their present. For instance, currently, the world’s most popular online game involving Metaverse is “Minecraft”. By far Minecraft is the world’s best-selling and most played game. The game is owned by a tech giant company, Microsoft, which also happens to own Xbox as well. So far there have been more than 230 million copies of Minecraft that have been sold globally. Most excitingly, on a monthly basis, Minecraft has more than 140 million active gamers.

So the craze of Metaverse has started to begin only now. More and more projects are forthcoming and the existing projects have been earning a lot of profits from the general public. Each month, sales volume has been increasing extraordinarily. Facebook, which is the world’s leading social media networking website, has recently changed its name to “Meta” after being inspired by Metaverse.

Great philanthropists, economists, experts as well as globally acclaimed institutions are suggesting that Metaverse is the actual ‘future’. Above all, they have been predicting the future worth of this unique industry of virtual reality. Most recently, predictions regarding Metaverse were sent off by a worldwide popular investment bank, Goldman Sachs.

One of its expert analysts, Eric Sheridan, had said that within no time, Metaverse’s economy would turn into an US$ 8 Trillion economy. The acknowledgment of the Metaverse industry by Goldman Sachs proves how important and the profit-making venture would Metaverse be. Similar were the views of other notable experts who acknowledged that there is no stopping in Metaverse becoming a multi-trillion dollar economy.

According to Goldman Sachs’s Sheridan, there is huge potential for Metaverse and could become a separate economy of over 8 Trillion Dollars. He argued that with all its ups and downs, the crypto economy is developing at a rapid pace. Since 2009, it has grown almost 25% of the global economy. Most importantly, evolutions, in the forms of Metaverse, NFTs, and Defi have been taking place in the virtual currency/assets industry. So each of these industries has huge potential for growth in the future, stated Sheridan.

Even Morgan Stanley also suggested that Metaverse’s economy is going to improve in the shortest possible time. Morgan Stanley also predicted that becoming an eight trillion dollar economy is not a big deal for evolutions such as Metaverse.

Apart from Goldman Sachs, there were others as well who predicted a promising future ahead for Metaverse. For instance, top-ranking officials of Greyscale Investment and Ark Investment Management assessed huge opportunities of profit-making in Metaverse. However, the officials of both companies agreed that Metaverse’s economy will very soon surpass US$ 1 Trillion. For them, it will take more than one and a half years for the Metaverse to achieve that.

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