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Global iTrader Review: The Excellent Trading Conditions Traders Enjoy With Global iTrader

Dec 6, 2019

Global iTrader Review

Online brokers are increasing in number with time. When you research and compare them, all of them seem to be claiming to be the best. Of course, not all the brokers can be the best. You have to look into the features they have and the trading conditions they produce for the traders to decide the best one out of the bunch. Now, Global iTrader has been appearing quite frequently among the best brokers when it comes to trading conditions. Traders are of the view that the broker creates the best conditions not only for experienced but new traders as well.

When trading with Global iTrader, traders believe they get the best shot at making money from their trades. On the other hand, many other brokers out there are focused on their own money. They charge huge commissions and create trading conditions that don’t let the traders make money. Let’s see how Global iTrader has turned into one of the most favorite online brokers for traders from around the world.

Trading Conditions for Traders with Global iTrader

The first thing that you have to look into as a trader is the amount of money that you will be paying to the broker when you start trading. It is understood that the broker is going to charge you some money for its services in some form. Some brokers go with the commission model in which you have to pay some commission on every trade you make. Some brokers prefer spreads over charging commissions. The best thing is that you get to enjoy some of the best spreads when you trade with Global iTrader. Low spreads mean that you are able to make great profits on your trades.

In addition to low and tight spreads, you also get to enjoy some big leverages. Leveraged trading is what makes online brokers so attractive for traders. When you get leverage from the broker, you can control huge trades with minimal deposits in your account. Leverage comes in the form of a contribution from your broker’s side. For every dollar that you spend on a trade, your broker agrees to spend 50, 100, or even 200 dollars. This helps you control huge trades even when you have only a few hundred dollars in your account. With Global iTrader, you will get up to 1:200 leverage. Such huge leverage is not available with every online broker.

Another important thing you will notice is that many brokers do not let you control your risks and losses. If your trade ends up going into loss, it could keep going into loss unless the deadline of your trade approaches. On the other hand, you can use techniques like hedging and stop loss to prevent yourself from going into uncontrollable losses. Global iTrader has no problem in giving its traders the liberty to control their losses. You will be surprised to know that many brokers actually charge you money for this feature. They strip basic accounts of these features and include them only in the advanced accounts.

The Many Tradeable Assets and the Trading Platform

The next big things you have to see in your broker are the trading platform and the tradeable assets. First, you want to see how many assets you will be able to trade with the broker because as a trader you would want some diversity. You want to spend your money in different markets for hedging purposes. Not to mention, market conditions can continue to change and you want to invest your money in places where you know you are going to benefit from your trades. With Global iTrader, you have access to five different asset classes. Within these asset classes, you get to trade many additional categories of assets.

For example, when it comes to commodities, you will get to trade soft commodities, precious metals, and even energies. In addition to that, you have the best currency pairs from around the world in the forex section. You can also trade the stocks of the biggest companies of the world in the stocks section. However, you have to keep in mind that you will be trading all of these assets in the CFD format. The biggest addition to the asset index made by Global iTrader is the cryptocurrencies. You now have access to half a dozen different cryptocurrencies from Global iTrader’s trading platform. You can trade these cryptocurrencies against some of the most stable and liquid currencies of the world.

As for the trading platform, you have MT4 available to download on your desktop computer. You can also access the web version of the trading platform which delivers the same trading experience no matter which part of the world you are in and what device you are using. The mobile applications are another big benefit for traders who trade with Global iTrader. They can use the best mobile applications for trading on their iPhones and Android devices.

You will be surprised to know that Global iTrader  is now offering you an opportunity to invest in the cannabis stocks. That’s a new market and can give your money the boost you have been looking for.

Easy Money Transfers

Among other things, it also matters how easily you are able to transfer money in and out of your account. When you become an active trader, you have to deal with withdrawals and deposits a lot. It is then the job of your broker to make things easy for you. You will be happy to find out that credit, wire transfer, and electronic transfer methods are available with Global iTrader. Most importantly, if you own cryptocurrencies and want to transfer money through crypto-wallets, you can do that as well. Crypto-wallet is an option that’s still not available from even the best online brokers.

Bottom Line

If you want to start a trading career without facing unnecessary challenges, you can definitely trust Global iTrader. This broker has been actively improving its policies, trading conditions, asset index, and all the features to make things easy for the traders. This is the reason Global iTrader has spread in more than 60 countries of the world at such a fast rate. It does not matter how good the trading platform is or what the welcome bonus is, you should pick your broker mainly for the trading conditions because they will affect you for as long as you remain a trader.

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