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Finexro Review – Why I Don’t Hesitate from Recommending Finexro to My Friends

Oct 12, 2020

Finexro Review


It does not matter how good the product or service is that you are getting from a business, you still think twice before you recommend it to your friends. You want to make sure that you tell them about the best things you have discovered. In my case, I have always been very skeptical about recommending services and products to my friends. I believe it is a huge responsibility, and maybe even a liability, when you tell someone to use a service because you think doing so will benefit them. But what if that service turns out to be a nightmare for your friend?

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That’s a possibility and you have to make sure that you avoid it at any cost. In my case, when I signed up with Finexro and used its services for some time, this proved to be the first instance when I felt like recommending something to my friends. I think everyone deserves a chance to work from home and make money. And there is no other way better than trading online to make money with ease. So, I have been recommending this service to my friends without any reluctance. Why? I think you will better understand when you read this complete review of Finexro that I have compiled only to help you.

Broker Finexro
Owned By Strongex Ltd.
Products Forex, Indices, Commodities, Stocks, Crypto
Trading Tools Index, FX, and Crypto Price Charts, Bitcoin Leverage, Long/Short Trading
Trading Platform MetaTrader 4 and SIRIX
Trade From Mobile, Desktop, Tablet, Online
Account Types Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Premium
Trading Available With 200 EUR
Demo Account Yes
Training Private Sessions, Webinars, Seminars
Deposits Maestro, Visa, MasterCard, Wire Transfer
Customer Support Phone, Email, Contact Form

Finexro screenshot

Why I Consider Finexro a Recommendable Broker

·         The Trading Accounts

Okay, in the case of this broker, I will have to talk in detail about the trading accounts because there is so much to share. I have seen many other brokers offering many different types of trading accounts. However, I have never seen a broker that has designed its trading accounts with so much intelligence, wisdom, and understanding of its audience. When you look at what this broker has to offer, you will be amazed. Let’s talk about the accounts one by one.

Bronze Account

This is the most basic type of account that you can open with this broker. The first thing you will notice is that you have to have 5000 EUR in your account to maintain and run it. However, there is something really important that you have to know here. You might think that you can’t trade unless you drop 5000 EUR in your account but that’s not true. You can read right on the trading account page of the broker that you are ready to go and start trading even if you make a minimum deposit of just 200 EUR in your account. You will have a trial period of a relationship manager with you on this account. You can have access to signals and private sessions, but only once and on trial basis.

Silver Account

You get a relationship manager with this one as well. You don’t have any private trading session with this one, but you will definitely be a part of the one-on-one trading academy from the broker. This is the best way to learn anything in this world in my opinion. You can start this account with only 10,000 EUR in your account. You will be paying standard commissions on your trades when you go with this account. That’s the same you will get when you sign up with the bronze account.

Gold Account

This is where things start to change. This is where you will understand what trading really looks like. First of all, you will have to have 50,000 EUR in your account if you want to keep this account intact. You get access to trading signals from the most reliable sources. The best thing is that you will get private sessions for trading as well in addition to private learning. The notifications of trades will come on your SMS. While others deal with standard commissions, you will get up to 10% discounts on those commissions.

Platinum Account

The amount you need to activate this account is 100,000 EUR, but you will not mind putting that amount in your account when you look at the services you are getting. Premium signals, SMS alerts, private trading sessions, in-person training from experts, commission cut down by 25%, etc. you will get all that when you go with this account. This is VIP treatment even though you have not even signed up with the most expensive account from the broker yet.


This is the best of the best. This account gives you access to all the premium and VIP features that you get with other accounts. You have everything on your fingertips, from trading signals to price alerts. You have a large number of personal trading sessions every month and personal training sessions, which will continue for the whole month. All the commissions that you have to pay on your trades will be cut in half for signing up with this amazing account. So, whether you are trading for the first time or trading has been your thing for many years, you will find an account that will suit your needs.

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·         Trading Platforms for All OS and Devices

The trading platform you will get from this broker is something that you might not get anywhere else. Yes, I have to tell you that I have seen other brokers offering you multiple trading platforms. However, I have not seen anyone offering you two of the industry’s best trading platforms. The first trading platform that you need to pay attention to is the SIRIX trading platform. This trading platform is easy to use and contains all the latest features that new and modern traders expect from their trading platforms. In addition to that, you have access to MetaTrader 4 as well.

This is the tried, tested, and proven trading platform that traders from all around the world appreciate. In fact, I will not be wrong to say that this trading platform is also the favorite of brokers from around the world. You will notice that a majority of online brokers offer you MetaTrader 4 for trading. However, they might not make your life easy like Finexro does. This broker has provided you both trading platforms in the form that you will like. Yes, you can use these trading platforms on your mobile devices and desktop computers.

In addition to that, you don’t even have to worry about the operating system that you have installed on your on device. Whether you are an iPhone or use one of the best Android phones in the world, you will have the trading platform on your device. Not to mention, you can use it on your MAC, Windows, Chromebooks, etc. when you go for the web based version. In other words, the broker has made sure that you get everything that matters.

·         Trade Many Assets and Instruments

This is yet another thing that makes me happy about being a trader with this online broker. I had many friends who had signed up with other online brokers and they always invited me to their trading platforms. There was a time when I had no answer for them because I was not signed up with any online broker. However, things completely changed when I signed up with Finexro. This broker has changed everything about trading for the good. I can tell you that the assets that I can trade with this broker are not even available with many online brokers. Let’s talk about them one by one.

Forex Currency Pairs

You can trade currency pairs in the online forex markets. These currency pairs are available to you in every way and form you like. You have other brokers offering you this asset as well, but no one will offer you the currency pairs like Finexro does. This broker has brought to you not only the major ones, but minor and exotic currency pairs as well. You are not stuck with Dollar, Euro, and Pound if you don’t want to trade them. You can trade many other currency pairs from other parts of the world when you are with Finexro.


Do you like trading shares from a variety of companies in the world? Do you think a particular company is doing some great innovations and might go up in the coming months? If that’s the case, you should go with stock trading. This is probably the most conventional form of trading. However, you have to know that you will be trading stocks in the form of CFDs when you sign up with this broker. You can trade the stocks of the best companies of your choice because you have many options available with Finexro.


I won’t be wrong if I say that I have always loved trading commodities. The biggest reason I love trading them is that they take you in many different directions and dimensions at the same time. You don’t even have to go out of this category if you want to trade assets of different nature. So, if you are thinking about trading wheat, cocoa, coffee beans, etc. you can go with this option. You can trade commodities even if you are interested in trading precious metals. You will also find all the energies of the world in this category available for you to trade the way you like.


Indices provide you with an interesting way of trading. First, you have the option to trade stocks the way you want. You can pick a company and trade its stock in the market. But what if you are interested in trading the stocks of many companies at once? Do you have to invest your money in all of them? Do you have enough money to spend on all these different stocks? Well, you don’t have to do any of that. The broker has made sure that you can trade these stocks in the form of bucketed assets. Yes, when you trade indices, you will be trading many stocks inside a bucket.


Need I say anything about cryptocurrencies? The world is going crazy after them. People from around the world believe that they should be investing some part of their savings in digital coins. I have to tell you that they are making the best move. I don’t say you go ahead and start spending your money on digital coins right away. However, I believe you have to realize the importance of non-physical currency in the coming times. It is a time when people are staying away from each other due to the coronavirus pandemic. Cryptocurrencies are the way to go and many people have already realized that.

If you think you should be trading digital coins, there is no better option to do that than Finexro. This broker allows you to trade all the major and minor cryptocurrencies. You don’t have to miss the ones that are stable but new. In many cases, brokers don’t offer you cryptocurrencies, which they think are too volatile and unsafe. I can tell you that the cryptocurrencies you are trading with Finexro are some of the best you can get your hands on.

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·         Amazing Trading Tools

Now is the time to talk about another thing that you will realize the importance as you continue to turn into a professional trader. There are millions of traders around the world. Some are just starting out and some have already reached their destinations. However, don’t be disappointed when I tell you that most of the traders who start their trading journey usually fail. They fail because they are not provided with the right tools that help them trade well. They keep trading on whim and this makes them lose money on trades. After that, they trade based on emotions and hurt their finances even more.

However, I encourage you to use the trading tools that Finexro is providing you when you sign up with it. You will always know about the trading markets in the best possible manner when you use these trading tools. The broker has provided you with the Bitcoin leverage tool. Bitcoin is an extremely expensive cryptocurrency that many people can’t even think about trading. However, when you have leverage on Bitcoin trading, you can turn the tables. You can trade a cryptocurrency with a huge value and make money off it if you are successful with your trading decision.

The broker has also provided you with some great price charts. These are detailed price charts that give you many different angles to look at the market with. If you are interested in trading forex currency pairs, stocks, and indices, you can find the price charts with this broker. In addition to looking at the price charts, you should also learn about fundamental analysis to make the best out of your trading career.

·         Spreads and Leverages

The broker is bringing you the best of both worlds. When you sign up with Finexro, you will notice that you have some variable spreads mentioned on the website. You might argue that some other brokers are better because they offer you the certainty of fixed spreads. However, I have to bring your attention here to the fact that when a broker has fixed spreads, they usually have loose spreads also. When you compare the spreads they have on their assets, you notice that they are taking more money from you than any other broker on the internet. However, that’s not the case when you sign up with Finexro.

This broker has made sure that you get a memorable trading experience with it while having all your opportunities to make money that you should have. So, when you trade with Finexro, you will be starting your spreads from 0.1 pips. I have explored many online brokers, but I can tell you that I haven’t seen spreads so tight.

Next, you have to look at your leverage option with this broker. The broker has given you leverages of 1:30 that you can use on your trades. This leverage will allow you to trade big and expensive assets like Bitcoin because you will be getting some help from the broker. However, if you don’t seem to appreciate that you are getting only 1:30 as leverage, you can go with the professional account as well. The broker has given you a great chance of signing up with a professional account. You can go ahead with 1:200 leverages on your trades when you go with this account.

·         Seminars, Webinars, Personal Training and Demo Account

It cannot get any better than this. The broker has made sure that you get everything that you deserve as a trader, no matter how long you have been in this industry. So, when you talk about new traders, you have to cater to their needs of learning how to trade. Some have only basic idea of how to trade while others are completely clueless of what trading is all about. In either case, the broker should provide proper education to the traders so they can step in the market with confidence rather than being shaky and unconfident. Shakiness can take a huge toll on their trading and the accuracy of their predictions.  

When it comes to learning how to trade, the broker has provided you with all the options that you can use for learning. First of all, you can be a part of seminars where you can listen to many experts while you are with them in the same room/hall. However, if you prefer learning from the comfort of your home, you can go with webinars as well. Webinars allow you to learn from your home while listening to the best experts in the world. They train you on everything, guide you on trading strategies, and give you the trading tips that help you progress in your trading career.

The broker has gone the extra mile to provide you with personal training as well. You will notice personal training when you look at the trading accounts from the broker. You will notice that you have an option of one-on-one training from the broker. The best thing is that this option is there for you even if you have signed up with the most basic account, even if the availability is only temporary. The private sessions are there included with every other account. The number of in-person training sessions that you can have increases as you go from small accounts to the big ones.

·         Great Customer Support

You have a contact us page on the website from where you can obtain all the information about getting in touch with the broker. Is that something that should be mentioned like this? Well, it was not but it has become that in recent years. I have noticed so many brokers putting an FAQs page on their websites and doing nothing more than that. If you have a question, go on this page and look for an answer yourself. If you have a question that these FAQs don’t answer, well, you don’t have any other place to go to. You are not going to go through this ordeal when you sign up with Finexro.

This broker has provided you with proper contact details on the website that you can use to get in touch with it. You have multiple phone numbers that you can use and an email address for all your questions and concerns.

Final Thoughts

After reading all these features, I am sure you must have gotten a clear idea of why I keep recommending this broker to my friends. I can tell them about a hundred other brokers, but I will not be confident at that. When it comes to Finexro, I can tell you that make this recommendation with a lot of conviction. For me, this broker has taken things to the next level, a level where traders benefit the most. So, go ahead, do your personal research, find out more about the broker, and make up your mind.  

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