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Finantiko Review – Trade Bitcoin With Finantiko

Mar 19, 2021

Finantiko Review 

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The 21st century has brought massive changes to this world. It has upgraded each field by allowing innovative technology updates to be incorporated. Finantiko is a firm that has been introduced, and this Finantiko review I have written will show you how this firm has also transformed into an advanced brokerage firm.

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Due to the technological advancements in the world, one field which has seen a lot of developments in trading. It has been switched from normal trading to a form of online trading. The financial market has also succeeded a lot due to this. Whereas before, trading involved physically meeting with brokers and investors, but that has all changed now. This system had to also adapt to the new trends and updates of the world.

Whenever a trader wants to trade now, they have to carry it all out online now, through the web. Brokers are also found online, and you can communicate with them through their platforms or website too. The whole process of trading is now carried online and through the web. In recent times, it has also gained a lot of support and success in the past few years. People really prefer this career, or field even as a side business because of the many profits that it provides. It has helped so many become millionaires, double their profits, and become really successful traders.

In 2009, cryptocurrencies had been introduced in the financial market for the first time. This has been one of the major causes of online trading becoming so successful and well known. As a field, it is not like other careers because it does not have any limitations. It does not prohibit nor restrict you when it comes to how much money you can make or the decisions you want to make whilst trading. The traders of this field have so much freedom. They can choose what trading assets to work with, what financial markets to trade in, and other decisions too.

But no matter how progressive things become, the trading field develops. A broker will always be a crucial part of trading. Brokers are really important because they connect buyers to sellers and have the skills to make exchanges go through. Brokers are made up of what traders are not. They have been training and preparing for so long to help traders complete the job. A part of their job description is to be really skilled and aware of the market. They constantly research so that they are informed of market trends. This way, they can help their customers invest and trade at the right time and with the right assets.

Then comes the part of choosing the right broker. This is important because the whole point of working with a broker is to benefit and make profits. Thus if you chose one that lacks when it comes to experience and knowledge, then you and your career will suffer. Other than that, all brokers are not what they seem like. The current problem in the trading market is the rise in fake brokers who have a goal of scamming genuine customers. This has been a major barrier for successful trades because it has ruined many people’s experience and caused many traders to leave trading. On the other hand, it has also caused a general stereotype that brokers are after your money. That is not true because a lot of brokers have suffered a loss of customers due to them being wary of getting scammed.

However, the market still has a couple of brokers that are genuine and do not intend to scam their customers. One of the people’s favourite brokers is the Finantiko firm. It has constantly been preferred in the market and has experienced a rise in customers due to having such a good reputation. As a broker, it is important to have so many features that cater to a customer’s needs and to offer services that they need to improve trading. When you choose a broker, it is important you carefully observe their performance and what they have to offer. When you read this review on Finantiko, you will get some understanding of which features you should be looking for.

Finantiko website

Background information of Finantiko

Finantiko is a brokerage firm that has recently gained a lot of popularity due to its outstanding services. Tikmedia LLC is the company that started Finantiko, and this company is based in St. Vincent as well as Grenadines. Their website specializes in two languages which are English and Polish. And their speciality is CFDs which stands for Contract For Differences. This is a type that you can trade with, but Finantiko still helps giving its customers the chance to trade in many different assets.

So many trading assets to choose from

When you choose a broker to work with, it does not mean that you are giving away your freedom. The entire point is to find new ways and be innovative so that you can have a chance to make a lot of profit. Everyone does have different goals when they join the trading market, but one thing that is the same for everyone is to not go into loss but rather keep the profits increasing. So when you choose a broker, it is important to analyze what its stance on trading assets is because, for those of you who want to experience different trading assets, you need to find a broker that provides that. A lot of new traders often do not know which asset they would like to trade in the future, so when the broker keeps your options open, you get the chance to explore.

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Finantiko is a really good option as a broker because it provides a lot of freedom and diversity to its customers. They get plenty of chances to explore what assets to trade in, and they provide access to many great things. Through Finantiko, you can get to trade in the Forex Market, which is the biggest and the best market for trading. It has a lot of potentials and allows people to carry out so many trades within a day that too, with really high profits. It promises and ensures that you will get a chance to experience trading some of the best assets too.

One of the best things about trading through Finantiko is that it caters to traders no matter how experienced they are. Whether you are inexperienced, new, and have just started trading, it will still provide you with the chance to trade. It will still let you decide which trading asset you want to try out and experience others too. If you are professional or have some experience within trading, it allows you the same. The broker lets you find out which asset caters to your needs and gives you privileges and freedom too.

Like I mentioned earlier, Finantiko is a really good broker and has a great platform to let you trade various assets. As it has promised its customers the access and freedom to try out different things, it allows access to GBP/TRY, EUR/USD, and many more options to choose from. This is a firm that allows options, in indices, in trading pairs, whether they are minor ones or major pairs. Indices are really important in trading, and some of the most common and beneficial ones are DAX 30, FTSE 100, and many more. These signify the variety and diversity that Finantiko is providing to its customers.

The broker also ensures that whatever trading asset, indices, and pairs it offers a chance to trade with those which have a lot of potential in the market. That with the progression of time, their value will not drop but rather increase, and this will mean that those traders who decide to hold onto the asset would get an increased value for their investment. Customers of Finantiko also get the freedom to trade with companies in the stock market. This means that within the stock market, you can either purchase or sell the shares of certain companies, like Amazon and Google. Other than this, they can also trade various commodities. So if you choose Finantiko as a broker, no matter if the commodity is soft or not, you can still trade with it, as well as getting the chance to experience trading cryptocurrencies. Some of the top choices are Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Many different accounts to choose from

Once again, being a trader, it is important that you always have a lot of options to choose from. It is also known that traders have different goals. They have different experiences and different budgets. So when a broker wants to work with a trader, they offer them an account type. Now this determines what the services provided will be. How much will it cost, what boundaries will be when it comes to trades, education training, and many more things.

At times what brokers do is that they only offer one or two types of accounts. Now that is really limiting for a trader because it forces them to settle for something that might not even suit their requirements. This can also mean that they either choose to carry it on and not be satisfied with what they are getting, or they do not work with the broker, and they can also give up trading at times. But it is very important that you choose the account type which aligns with your career goals and requirements.

Finantiko is not like other brokers. It recognizes the needs of a broker. It also understands that every trader has a diverse background, path, and career goals, so it tries to cater to each of them. In order to do so, it has carefully created its many account types so that its customers would find ease. By having lots of options, the traders and customers can choose the one which provides them with the most benefits. These can be the level of training that they provide, the investment amount, the bonuses, and other factors too.

Finantiko has provided four different trading accounts. All of these vary and suit different people. The first account that the broker offers is the Bronze account, which is meant for beginners that are new to trading. In this account, you get customer support, 0.01 trading size, courses on finance as well as private training. The next account is called the Gold account. It is an upgraded one from the previous one and is suitable for those traders who have a bit more experience. It includes a trading size of 0.1, and you get access to educational materials such as books and videos.

Then there is the third account, which is the second last account. This one is called the Platinum account. Finantiko offers this so those traders who are more experienced and want to work further can choose it. The trading size for this account is set at 0.2, which is much higher than the previous two accounts, and as this account is for more experienced traders, they also get the chance to work with financial experts and an account manager. This means that they have really experienced and skilful people available to work with them at any time. The last account that Finantiko offers is as high as you can go, and it is called the Diamond account. Now, this account is meant for really experienced traders who have a lot of successful trades and can be considered professionals. As this is the top account, it offers the traders unlimited access and provision of all features possible. The trading size is increased and set at 0.5, and traders also get the chance to use demo accounts. The benefit of this is that they also get to practice on demo accounts, so when they carry out high trades, they do not fail.

With Finantiko, you get the chance to access different accounts and choose which one suits you best. At certain accounts, they have prioritized 24 hours and seven days a week customer support service. But even as a whole, they do offer that so that the customers can contact them anytime they face an issue.

The best Platform

Finantiko trading platform

Even though Finantiko is one platform, it has still provided access to so many assets through one. This provides a lot of relief and ease to customers as they do not have to access these platforms individually. Rather they can just make one account at Finantiko and use it to trade in various platforms. Their platform is considered the best because they allow you to access the financial market. The software benefits them as it keeps the customers aware of all the trading opportunities so that they can trade according to it.

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The trading platform that they have made allows you to access the software, which is called SIRIX. This is also considered a really good trading platform as it has a massive success rate. This platform also has three different versions, and all of them are distinct in some way. The first one is SIRIX station, then SIRIX web and SIRIX mobile. The role of the first one is that it is a desktop version, and you have to download it on your PC. The second one is based on the web. It is a type that can be used through a website, and the last one is an application that is meant for iOS and Android, this way, you can use them through your phone as well.

By providing such a varied and distinct platform option, they can choose which one suits them the best. Out of the three, they have the option to choose that one which makes it easy for them to trade, this can be through the phone, laptop or PC. The last two types allow you to use them while you travel as well, so no matter where you go, you do not have to leave your trading career. But that is not all. They also have other benefits such as calendar, reminders, and notification options that allow the customer to take their trading career to the next level.

Trading Tools for Traders

This feature helps traders when they carry out exchanges. Having a variety of trading tools is also very important as it improves the method by which you make trades. Incorporating these trading tools as strategies in trading help traders because it broadens your trading method. Through these, you get the chance to learn more about the financial market. You get to carefully analyze the rise and fall in many things. You will learn to be on the lookout for price fluctuations, worth of cryptocurrencies increasing or decreasing. You will also be aware of the latest news on trading, and you get to explore trading through charting, indicators, and signals.


Within this review, I have carefully discussed the features of Finantiko, which have stood out. These are also the same features that have made Finantiko a very reputable company and broker amongst many others in the financial market. To be amongst the best of brokers at a time right now is not easy, and it means a lot. First of all, ever since cryptocurrency has been introduced, this field has skyrocketed, and the competition has doubled. Also, scammers have increased, too, so the fact that Finantiko remains one of the most genuine and successful brokers is a huge compliment. Serious traders should really focus on the features and characteristics of a trader before they decide to work with them.

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