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Famous Musician From Linkin Park Band Launches Crypto NFTs

Feb 9, 2021

Linkin Park Band’s Vocalist and Rhythm Guitarist Mike Shinoda introduced special-purpose non-fungible tokens (NFT) which the musician wishes to give away for charity purposes.

Mike Shinoda, who has founded the famous US band, Linkin Park, has successfully put for sale NFTs through an open auction.

Later, on the Twitter platform, Shinoda informed his fans that the revenue generated through the sale of NFTs will be used for special purposes. He told the fans that the special purpose is to fund charitable causes and purposes. He apprised that approximately US$ 30,000 has been pre-fixed to be given away as charity to Michael K Shinoda Endowed Scholarship Fund.

Shinoda himself founded the fund for providing scholarship opportunities to deserving students at Arts Center College of Design who can’t afford to pay.

It was told that NFTs are comprised of digital media files named as “One-Hundredth Stream”. The stream on the other hand is based on a 37-second long animated video containing music written and composed by Shinoda. The stream has been provided to Zora – an entity involved in the business of selling limited-edition goods, items, and artifacts through auction.

NFTs are inherently different from familiar crypto assets like Bitcoin and Ethereum. However, the earlier are coupled with unique properties and can be interchangeable. In the first place, Shinoda was criticized by his fans as well as the general public for attaching value to these NFTs. However, Shinoda later on clarified that NFTs have been established for generating funds for providing free of cost education to the needy.

In 1996, a rock band popped up from the State of California which utterly overtook the entire US music industry. The band was called Linkin Park and consisted of some legendary musicians (which were to be remembered for eternity throughout the American music industry). Linkin Park band consisted of several renowned members such as Chester Bennington (lead singer) and Mike Shinoda (rhythm guitarist and also vocalist).

The band continued to play and produce exceptional music and sold record-breaking songs such as “Numb” and “In The End”. Both these songs took the band to remarkable heights, however, the lead singer started to fade away. In 2017, finally, the lead singer shocked the entire music industry when he committed suicide by hanging.

After the sad demise of Bennington, the band went into hiatus and didn’t produce any songs. However, in 2020 Shinodareinstated the band and once again started producing quality music.

Shinoda’s initiative of launching NFTs is inspired by other known celebrities who too have launched their own NFTs. The most recent being the NFTs put for sale were by Logan Paul and Soulja Boy.

Earlier in the month of January, record-breaking sales of US$ 12 Million were recorded through NFTs containing artistry composed by cryptoart.io.

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