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Famous American Rapper Soulja Boy Studies Crypto Through His Twitter Fans

Jan 21, 2021

Soulja Boy – an American famous rapper, has asked his fans on Twitter to help him out understanding crypto. Seeks their opinion on how he could buy crypto without any trouble. Spends the whole day learning about crypto on his Twitter account. Also wished to develop a cryptocurrency of his own.

 Crypto and celebrities is nothing new. There are many famous celebrities worldwide who have invested in crypto, in particular Bitcoin and Ethereum. Most recently, when in 2020 crypto industry started to boom beyond limits, many celebrities joined the Bitcoin investment bandwagon.

A very recently famous American rapper who goes by the name Soulja Boy was found asking about crypto. It was on 19th January that the rapper asked his Twitter followers to help him understand the concept of crypto.

Soulja Boy’s Twitter following is more than 5.2 million and soon after his tweet, he got thousands of responses instantly. Soulja Boy told his followers that many of his colleague artists have been exploring decentralized economy and asked him to do the same. But since he lacks the understanding regarding crypto, he is rather reluctant, told Soulja Boy.

Soulja Boy has produced many single hits but it was his song “Crank That” which took his career on a different level.“Crank That” song was produced by Soulja Boy in 2007 and made its way to the top at Billboard Spot. Soulja Boy released the song simultaneously on the internet as well which gave him too much popularity as well. Once he said in an interview that the song changed his life and career entirely.

Soulja Boy specifically asked his followers to help him know in which cryptocurrency he should put his money into. He further asked them to inform him which one of the two platforms should he join to purchase digital currency i.e. Coinbase or Robinhood.

Interestingly apart from receiving responses from his fans, the rapper received replies from crypto exchanges as well. Notables ones were Binance, Voyager, Cash App, Etoro, Okcoin, Blockchain.com etc. Rapper suggested that he’d like to make sure that whenever he is into crypto, he is assisted by top-notch amongst the crypto industry.

Looking at 100% positive response, Soulja Boy then asked his followers whether he should start his own cryptocurrency or not. At this juncture, many responded negatively and told him that it wouldn’t be a worthwhile decision to create one of your own crypto. Meanwhile, there were many who supported Soulja Boy’s viewpoint of creating his own cryptocurrency. Many even suggested him names and logos as well.

In between this some of his followers also warned him about the regulatory structure of Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs) within the US. They told him that the US Regulator has been busy filing charges and lodging lawsuits against several ICOs. One such person was Neeraj Agarwal of Coincenter who advised the US rapper not to think about offering his own ICOs.

Later on, he was advised to launch his own non-fungible token (NFT). Soulja found the NFT idea appealing and said that this seems to him something that is quite doable.

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