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Don’t Fall For Binary Options Trading Scams

Jul 8, 2018

Binary options businesses have been exposed as schemes that cheat people out of money before disappearing, leading countries such as Canada to ban all trading in binary options

From my own personal experience, %99.9 of binary options brokers and trading platforms, services, robots etc’ are all scams and fraudulent. Binary options are the ugly child of the retail forex industry where some brokers look for ways to fleece clients out of their hard earned money by tricking them and luring them to make large deposits and then making sure that the client will never see his deposit money or any future profits. With binary options it is not “some” of the brokers, it is ALL of them.


Many of those unregulated websites are being used by criminals outside the U.S. as vehicles to commit fraud

[Binary Options Fraud A Word of Warning to the Investing Public]

Even the FBI has begun recently to investigate binary options fraud and it is said that over the past decade clients have been defrauded out of billions of dollars. Most of which will never be recovered. It is important for me to let my readers know about this kind of scheme called “binary options” and that it is just a scam. I will not get into any details about what binary options exactly are, how they work or how people are being scammed but just letting you guys know to stay away from binary options no matter what and no matter how tempting an offer as an investment it may sound.

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