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Delayed Mobile App Launch For Uniswap Due To Apple’s Lengthy Approval Process

Mar 5, 2023

On the third of March, Uniswap Labs made an exciting announcement regarding the early release of their latest application. This app is designed to offer a decentralized exchange experience and is expected to revolutionize how individuals engage with crypto.

However, there is a slight hitch in the release process. Uniswap Labs shared that the application’s launch would be limited to a select few users who will have access through Apple’s Testflight program.

The team did not provide any specific reasons for this limited release but noted that it was due to Apple not granting approval for a broader launch at the moment.

Despite the limitations, the Uniswap Labs team is confident that the early-release will provide invaluable feedback from its initial user base.

The company remains optimistic about the future launch of its application, and they are committed to working closely with Apple to ensure a smooth and successful release in the near future.

It’s exciting to see how Uniswap Labs is leveraging the latest technology to bring decentralized finance to the masses. The limited release through Apple’s Testflight program is just the beginning, and it would be interesting to see what’s in store for the future of crypto trading.

Stuck in Limbo for a While

Despite being compliant with Apple’s specifications, Uniswap Labs claims that the application has been stuck in limbo for months. To make the wait more enjoyable for its users, the company has decided to offer an early release of the app. However, it will be limited.

While this move contradicts the team’s commitment to providing access to everyone, it allows them to share the excitement of the launch together.

As a leading player in the decentralized finance ecosystem, Uniswap Labs is committed to revolutionizing the way people trade and manage digital assets.

With the launch of its mobile application, the company aims to make defi more accessible and user-friendly for all. While the wait for Apple’s approval continues, Uniswap Labs remains optimistic and committed to providing its users with the best experience.

What is Uniswap Doing to Address the Situation?

Uniswap Labs has taken an innovative approach to bypass Apple’s delay in approving their mobile application by opening up their internal Testflight application to 10,000 users. For those who may not know, this is the maximum number allowed by Apple.

The limited release mobile application is shaping up to be an exciting development for Uniswap Labs as it aims to make decentralized finance more accessible.

This move follows the recent introduction of the Uniswap Bridge Assessment Committee, which was announced on March 2nd. The committee’s objective is to evaluate the security of bridges connecting the Uniswap ecosystem with other Defi finance protocols.

The launch of the mobile application is a significant step forward in making defi accessible to everyone, and the company’s proactive approach to navigating Apple’s approval process shows its determination to achieve this goal.

With the Uniswap Bridge Assessment Committee, the company is also taking important steps to ensure the security and integrity of its ecosystem.

Recent statistics reveal that the Uniswap ecosystem has experienced a significant amount of trading activity. The total trade volume has reached an impressive $2.81 billion, with Uniswap version 3 leading the way with a trading volume of $1.21 billion.

Uniswap’s Arbitrum One decentralized exchange follows closely behind, with a trading volume of $195.98 million.

Uniswap v3 has quickly established itself as a popular platform for trading digital assets, with a vast range of 947 coins available across 1,725 pairs.

The dex has also been visited 3,388,922 times this month, indicating a growing interest in decentralized finance and the Uniswap ecosystem.

Demonstrating Continued Adoption and Growth

These statistics demonstrate the continued growth and adoption of Uniswap, with the platform consistently delivering high levels of trading activity.

As the popularity of decentralized finance continues to surge, Uniswap is well-positioned to maintain its position as a leading player in the defi ecosystem.

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