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Currency.com Exchange Review – Are Tokenized Securities a Worthy Asset?

May 14, 2023

Currency.com Exchange Review

The financial market is flooded with several trading platforms, which has made it more difficult for traders to identify a trusted and reliable platform where they can effectively carry out cryptocurrency trading activities. Another issue that is of concern among digital asset traders is the issue of scam.

How can you identify a legitimate trading platform, and what features does it offer? We shall be reviewing a popular online trading platform known as currency.com to ascertain its effectiveness and legitimacy for users. We shall also be analyzing each feature that you can find on currency.com to enable traders to make the right choice when searching for a reliable online trading platform.

Before we proceed, both new and experienced traders should set their eyes on finding a program where the broker is vast in knowledge about the blockchain industry and the financial market in general.

About Currency.com Exchange

Currency.com is a leading trading platform in the digital asset market. The foundation of currency.com is aimed at narrowing the gap between cryptocurrency trading and the exchange market. When you think of a firm that serves as a platform for exchanging cryptocurrency and also one that prides itself as a unique brand in the tokenized exchange security outfit.

If you are new to digital currency trading, then you must know what tokenized securities are and how beneficial it may be for you as a trader. Non-crypto asset types that have been converted to cryptos are as tokenized securities. Currency.com is well recognized for its immense contribution to the world’s tokenized securities trading. One outstanding quality that makes currency.com different from. others are the opportunity it provides for users to trade on both flat Currency as well as

Overview of the currency.com trading platform

Exchange name Currency.com
Demo accountYes
Least deposit amount$100, 0.01BTC
Leverage1:100, 1:20
Trading PlatformAndroid, Desktop, IOS
Leverage based on crypto1:10
InstrumentsProfit level, charting level, stop loss
Mega TrendsGlobalization, populism, emergency market
Payment methodsBank transfer, Visa, Crypto transfer and MasterCard,
Mobile appYes
Parent companyCurrency.com

Reason for establishing Currency.com Exchange

The currency.com trading platform was created in the early part of 2019 to change the mindset of people about the mode of investing in the cryptocurrency market. The currency.com broker is the foremost regulated exchanger for tokenized securities. The company has more than one hundred experienced professionals whose duty is to work in achieving the company’s objective.

The company has a senior staff comprising of the CEO, Ivan Gowan, as well as the General Manager, Alexander Shevchenko, who also doubles as the currency director.

The company has two offices located in Gibraltar and London. The broker claims to have been awarded as the exchange provider that is most transparent in Europe. The broker also claims to have received the award for the best global brand in terms of innovation. Currency.com is said to provide exchange services for customers all over the world. One other accolade awarded to the broker is the 2019 CIS award for the best exchange company for cryptocurrency.

Traders on the platform may be able to trade on more than 1300 tokenized types of assets. Currency.com has a future projection to offer users the opportunity to trade on over 10000 assets. The number of the installed app via its mobile platform was estimated at 37000 in 2019. The trading platform is said to provide users with an exceptional user experience coupled with a fast trading process.

Currency.com Exchange may be new in the digital financial market, but its expertise in the technological and economic sectors is overwhelming. The company also prides itself on having a high number of instruments to allow clients to carry out trading activities. Another claim by the broker is that the trading platform has a trade matching speed of about 50million per second.

The user interface of this trading platform is friendly and may offer users seamless navigation around the platform. It may have even surpassed other long-existing trading platforms in terms of user experience and trading features. The company offers traders an opportunity to trade on several assets such as indices, cryptos commodities, shares, etc. You may be able to trade on cryptos without it being converted to fiat currencies.

Features of Currency.com

Currency.com is designed to offer outstanding features to its teeming users all over the world. The features provided by this company include the following:

Regulations and Security

The activities of Currency.con is regulated by HTP (Hi-Tech Park) in Belarus, which is the place where the company was incorporated. What this means is that the company is under strict, strict scrutiny from the legal authority in the blockchain technology industry. Customer investments and rights are protected by the policies made by the regulatory bodies.

Security Features for Traders

As a measure of securing customer investment, every client is said to have the sole right to access their account. The company is said to have put stringent security measures in place to prevent unauthorized access to users’ accounts. To curb this inefficiency, Currency.com employs the use of a two-factor model for authentication, which includes funding, trading, logging, and other actions that are performed with the use of API keys. The security measure is also aimed at protecting the investment of traders from hackers

The “master key” is an additional two-factor authentication model provided to each trader if they are unable to access their trading accounts. Currency.com places the security of traders on their platform as high priority, hence the measures put in place to protect traders.

 Emails sent by traders are encrypted to protect customer privacy as well as unauthorized access. An email verification process is carried out to prevent robots or spam registration. Document verification and uploads are discretely carried out under stringent encryption rules to safeguard users’ information and assets.

Coins protection

Coins are stored in a limited amount by the company in cold wallets via machines that are protected by encryption. Lock devices are also used in protecting stored coins except for operational liquidity coins. Encrypting each customer’s wallet ensures that they are well secure.

Protection of traders’ investment

Deposited funds by traders are stored in separate bank accounts from that of the broker. It serves as an insurance to protect your investment in case the broker runs into bankruptcy. It also prevents the broker from borrowing the funds for any use by the company.

Other security measures provided by currency.com

  • A viable policy for anti-money laundering and knowing your customers is practiced.
  • Yearly auditing of Cryptocurrency finances by a top auditing firm.
  • The use HTTPS to encrypt communication channels.
  • currency.com is said to have a reliable trading engine to handle about five million orders daily effectively.
  • Top security scrutiny of user data to ensure authenticity.

Deposits and withdrawal

Some requests for removal may take up to two working days, but Currency.com strives to process withdrawal requests instantly to enable traders to get their resignations the same day. Withdrawals can be sent directly to your cryptocurrency wallet or your preferred bank account. Deposits can be made using a different method of payment, like bank transfer, with no commission. Credit cards such as Visa or MasterCard may be used in making a deposit.

For traders who would prefer making a deposit with cryptocurrency, a minimum of 0.002 BTC, 0.05 BCH, 0.1ETH is required. However, you may see your cryptocurrency reflected in your account only if you have made a deposit that is more than the minimum deposit requirement. Your withdrawals and deposit of concurrencies are strictly verified based on the number of deposits you make. The minimum amount that traders can deposit on the platform is $100, 100 euros of 250 BYN.

Withdrawal and deposit charges

Currency.com has an open policy in terms of fees or charges collected on the platform as regards deposits and withdrawals. Traders making deposits are to pay a minimum of $100 or a maximum of $24000 depending on their choice of investment. This deposit is for those who are using the credit card option as a payment option, which may attract a commission of about 3-5 percent.

For traders who may choose to make deposits using bank transfer, the minimum deposit amount is $50, while the maximum deposit amount is $24000. Deposits made via this option does attract any commission. In the aspect of withdrawals, you may be able to withdraw a minimum of $100 using your MasterCard or Visa card.

You may be charged a withdrawal fee of 2.4 percent, as well as an additional payment of $3. The least withdrawal you can make via bank transfer is $50. The commission that is charged for withdrawals on residents of Belarus is $8. However, for traders who do not reside in Belarus, they may be requested to pay 1.15% as commission for their withdrawal.

Customer Support

Currency.com has a responsive customer support system where queries and inquiries are answered to help traders carry out their trading activities effectively. The customer support of currency.com is always on hand to provide traders with technical support through various channels such as Vibers, emails, live chats,  Whatsapp, Facebook, Telegram, and phone calls.

Design and Trading platform

Currency.com is designed to be user friendly to enable new traders to make use of the features in the trading platform without prior knowledge about digital asset trading. Each design element and feature is tailored towards providing traders with a reliable and highly efficient trading platform. The broker offers users several instruments to aid trading, such as set-up for profit level, stop loss, negative balance, charting tools, etc.

Traders can make use of their desktop to access the company’s trading portal. Smartphone users are not left out as the Currency.com trading platform is designed to work effectively on Android as well as iOS operating systems. The currency.com  mobile app can be downloaded via the device’s play store and installed. Trading has, therefore, become more accessible as traders can carry out trading activities from anywhere.

Tablet or smartphone users whose devices are incompatible with the trading app may use the web-based platform to access the trading portal from anywhere in the world.

Leverage trading

Currency.com provides a leverage trading offer for her numerous clients. By doing so, clients are allowed to take up positions in the financial market that would hitherto be unavailable to them. However, we advise traders to be cautious while using the leverage trading feature as this may involve high risk. Carrying out leverage trading gives users the leverage to accept a $1000 position in the market even when you may only have $100 to carry out trading.

Tokenized trading

There are more than 1300 different tokenized securities available for clients to use in carrying out trading activities. These forms of securities available in the financial market represent tokens in blockchain technology.  Tokenized security differs from conventional cryptos because the latter is a representation of traditional instruments that are under strict regulation by local authorities controlling its issuance.

Over 10,000 tokenized form of assets has been projected for issuance by the currency.com trading platform.  These tokenized assets are categorized into shares, commodities, government bonds, and cryptocurrency pairs. Ethereum blockchain makes use of currency.com tokenized securities in its trade deals.

Regulations and Global acceptance

Currency.com may be regarded as a reliable and efficient exchange company with a global presence. The company boasts of numerous investors and traders that are spread all over the world. Currency.com is said to offer value to clients to gain their trust. The popularity of the trading platform has increased tremendously over the year. The company is geared towards attaining a complete decentralized status as an exchange platform. By the year 2023. In the area of regulation, currency.com is regulated by the UK financial authority and the exchange commission in Cyprus. Also, the Belarusian regulatory agency for the digital currency industry is part of the regulatory body that is aimed at enforcing strict compliances to rules and standards in the industry.

Countries that can have access to trade on currency.com trading platforms include Iran, Ghana, Iceland, Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, Bostwana, Panama, USA, Zimbabwe, etc.

Trading Prices

Capital.com is a company that is in partnership with currency.com and is responsible for providing the actual trading prices. Each tokenized asset is set at a price that is determined by market forces as well, data analysis, expert opinions, authority websites like Reuters, etc. The rate of order fulfillment may also influence the prices of tokenized assets.

Demo Account

With the demo account available on the currency.com trading platform, users can explore the features of in currency.com without having to risk losing your investment. The demo account also provides new users the opportunity to learn how trading is carried out in real life, but this time you are doing it through a simulated environment. Users are also given virtual currencies or assets with which they can use ti carry out trading. After you are satisfied with the learning process on the demo account, you may then proceed

Demo account

Currency.com has provided an avenue for users of its platform to learn and try trading technologies with their demo account, irrespective of their trading experience or level. A demo account is an account that allows you to try the trading platform without committing your real assets to any financial risk. With this virtual account, traders have a firsthand experience of tokenized assets and market trends.

There is virtually no difference between a live trading account and the demo account other than the virtual assets used by the former to carry out trading activities and the fewer number of tokenized assets, which is about 300.

Earn by referrals

Aside from all other exciting and engaging features on the currency trading platform, the broker also offers users the opportunity to earn big through its referral program. You are entitled to half the commission of all trading made by any of your referrals. You can see this as an avenue to make money without risking your investment or going through the rigors of trading. To be able to refer someone, you are provided with a referral link that is unique to you alone.

You may be entitled to claim your referral bonus only when a referred client signs up on the currency.com platform through your link. The good news is that this is not a one time bonus as you may be given 50% of the commission gotten from every trade made by the person you referred for six months.  Your referral bonus is paid directly to your account weekly. Referrers are also entitled to a discount of 10% on their commissions for trading and exchange.


Currency.com is a trading platform that may be trusted because of several regulatory bodies guiding its operations. It has gathered a large number of users within the short period of its existence. The company has incorporated several unique features in its trading platform to enable users to have improved trading experience. You may want to consider trading on the currency.com platform because of its ease of use, outstanding customer support, and other features.

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