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Crypto Wallet DotWallet Has Launched A Substantial Upgrade For Professional Users

Jun 15, 2021

The Pro users are now enabled to use the swap feature for converting between BTC, BSV, and ETH. It has been declared by DotWallet, an economic crypto wallet based on BSV, that it is going to launch a consequential upgrade to the product. Version 2.5 of the DotWallet comprises a refined dApp ecosystem having the capability of improving and adding the features. Significantly, the crypto swaps of in-app nature are accessible now for the Pro users of DotWallet. Additionally, the security has been improved by the team of DotWallet through the optimization of the module for controlling the risks in the wallet assets and accounts.

The availability of the swap feature on the Pro Version

The Pro users of the Dot wallet have been impatiently waiting for the Swap feature from the time when it was released in the web app of the DotWallet. Asset Swaps based on multi-chains will now be done by the Pro users if a third party power them. An interchangeable swap gives the user the ability to smoothly convert his digital currency between the cryptocurrencies which are most commonly used, like ETH, BSV, and BTC.

Upgrade in Account Management

Some improvements have been made by the DotWallet group, such as the synchronization of the account, including the payment and security available in the web app of the Pro users. Other updates include the modification of the email, phone numbers, the payment addresses and passwords, and the detachment of the accounts like Facebook, Google, WeChat. The synchronization of the passwords for payment on the Pro and web version is made easy for the users as afterward, the users will be able to set the same password for the payment on the two apps.

Modification of the Module for Risk Control

In the scenario of the crypto wallets, the foremost consideration on the part of the users is always security. The risk control module has been modified by the Pro app in the latest upgrade. The analysis of the data can be done on the account information of the users through this module. Moreover, it has the capability of rapid detection and response against risky behavior and the implementation of secure and flexible measures regarding risk control.

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