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CoinRise Review: How Can It Help with Your Investment?

Feb 23, 2021

Investing and Trading Cryptocurrency with CoinRise

In recent years, the financial world system has been evolving digitally, and this includes several new ways of investing your money. Cryptocurrency is the new method of trading your money, and globally it has attracted the interest of traders, both beginners and experienced. CoinRise is a good place to start your trading, and it will help you easily navigate your way through its user-friendly platform that has several features to offer. This web-based platform provides several tools that you can use to help while trading, such as advanced charts, risk management, and technical analysis tools.  This CoinRise review is here to elaborate on how it can help improve your trading skills through its services. This review will lay down everything that this platform offers, from the educational materials you can learn from up to the site’s legality to ensure your trading experience’s safety.

Expanding Your Knowledge with the Materials That CoinRise Provides

CoinRise aims to help you achieve your financial goal; that is why this platform offers you an account manager so that you have an opportunity to have a one-on-one meeting with them. This platform provides its clients with a tailored trading plan that is specially personalized based on each client’s level of experience. You can start by opening a demo account on this site if you are still a beginner in the world of trading so that you can practice your decision-making skills and gain confidence in trading your assets. CoinRise will help you reach the goal you want to meet, whether you are a beginner or an experienced investor. You have an option to choose from the three types of accounts on this trading platform: silver plan, VIP Gold, and VIP platinum, based on accommodating your needs as an investor. All three accounts provide you different services to further learn the market’s movement, such as a session with a crypto specialist, an account manager, and a frequent market update.

The difference between these three accounts is in the frequency of the services that each account provides, so you have an option to choose how often you want expert guidance simply by upgrading your account. CoinRise will keep you updated with the latest financial news that you can analyze and learn from in the market. The news updates that they provide will help you understand what economic factors can affect your investments, leading to a profit or loss on your trade. In this way, it will guide your decision making as to how you can best strategize your investments, whether you should buy or sell, by predicting the financial market’s movements. These articles will also help you expand your knowledge about cryptocurrency, capital markets, and even banking and finance. It will better improve your financial strategies and your investment decisions, especially when it comes to risk management in trading.

What Leverage Do You Have with CoinRise and How Does It Work?

Leverage is one of the best features that CoinRise offers to its users, which can greatly help with your overall trading strategy. The CoinRise provides you leverage of 1:100 ratio so that you can borrow a funding source for your capital to further expand your asset by using different financial instruments. This investment strategy can be a great tool that you can use for your trade to increase the possibility of your return on investment. For example, if you plan to buy a $100,000 position in a trade, you only need to pay 1% of its amount, and CoinRise will take care of the rest. Compared with normal trade, you have an advantage with this leverage since you can still earn the same profit even if the asset’s price increases, and you can also greatly multiply your trading profit. This is an opportunity for traders to explore different cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin without needing to commit a lot of money for its capital. 

Privacy, Terms, and Conditions in Using the Platform of CoinRise

It is free to open an account with CoinRise, and it ensures you that this platform is safe to use for trading and investing your money. This platform follows the rules of the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act or PIPEDA for users that are residing in Canada. CoinRise will obtain a copy of your personal information that it received upon your registration. CoinRise will retain your personal information for as long as you have an active account on this platform so you can have access to its products and services. The retention period in keeping your personal information may lengthen even after the closure of your account if CoinRise has a legal reason to do so, such as resolving problems under your account. 

CoinRise as a platform is owned and managed by CoinRise LTD, and it provides a wide range of various financial information such as analysis, reports, and news that will be helpful to its users. You may open your account with CoinRise as long as you are 18 years old and above, and you have read and agreed to its terms and conditions policy. Using this platform, you are responsible for all of the transactions happening in your account, whether you earn profits or losses throughout your trading. The minimum amount you can deposit amounts to $250, whereas withdrawal orders require pre-requisite documentation. If you violated this platform’s rules under its terms and regulations, CoinRise has a right to remove your access to all of its services and shut down your open transactions.

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